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February 24, 2017

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Dec. 22, 2009

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I commend the Metro police officers for justly putting down this psychotic crazy piece of wacko before he did harm to any innocent people. Regardless of what the uneducated gun toting masses in Las Vegas say, you are an asset to our community and please keep up the good work. With every scum that you put away lethally or not makes my family a little safer. Thank You.

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Sincerely - Montana Fan

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Of course Hauck would want this guy, he's a criminal. He signed a lot of them at Montana. He doesn't care how many felons he has on the team as long as he wins, which he will never do at UNLV. He will strip the extremely small thread of integrity that program has left, all for the sake of his career.

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God I hate this town. Not because of the police, which I think did an excellent job putting this man down, but because of the rest of you idiots that live here. Every time Metro PD drops somebody I feel a little bit safer. Shoot first and ask questions later works for me. I feel safe because I know they won't be shooting at me because I respect the police and I'm not an idiot who carries my firearms everywhere I go.

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Except that the overwhelming majority of the schools/teachers/students in the valley are NOT doing a good job.

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