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Jan. 23, 2008

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I don't need to ask why Halverson has been removed from the bench and an alleged Child Molester is still hearing cases. It's simple.. Hardcastle and company wanted to get rid of Halverson the day the people elected her.

It is OUTRAGEOUS to think that Halverson was removed for share nonsense and a disgruntled staff and EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO... a complaint that has criminal charges assoicated left the judge on the bench.

Only in a backwards place like Las Vegas can something so insane occur. The judicial system in Las Vegas is like a bad Jerry Springer episode. And old lady Nash was worried that Halverson made the public lose faith in the judiciary??
LOL... sorry Old Lady Nash... it is the whole Nevada Court and your inept "commission" that has made a mockery of the judicial system.

What losers.

This makes it more clear than ever what is really the deal here.

It makes me sick that Hardcastle and company were able to remove someone simply because they did not like them. It did not take much to make up bogus crap like non existent foot rubs.

(Suggest removal) 2/18/08 at 12:25 a.m.

Experience comes in many forms. Just becuase one has not been a trial attorney or sat on the bench does not mean they will not make a good Judge or make them unable to perform the job.

Obivoulsy one needs experience in the legal field. However, as I said, experience comes in many forms.

Judge Elizabeth Halverson was NEVER given an oppourtunity to do the job she was elected for.

We will never know if she would have made a good judge or not. My sense is she would have and is.

If Hardcastle and company had not railroaded her out of that job, I believe she would have been a formidable judge. Experienced or not, she has one of the most brilliant legal minds I have worked with ever.

She may not been the kiss A** type, she may not follow the crowd, she may not look all slim and pretty.. but she is one heck of an attorney and would have made one heck of a judge.

Sad, she was never given the oppourtunity that the people bestowed on her and she worked so hard for.

I wonder how Hardcastle, Spoor, Nash, Short and Jordon can sleep at night.

Then again, Karma will take care of them.. I would be very afraid if I were any one of them. BAD, BAD Karma.

(Suggest removal) 2/8/08 at 9:16 a.m.

Sounds like Mr. computer nerd wants his 15 min of fame and to see his name in print.

He expects the public to believe that Judge Halverson contacted Supertech's a local computer company to "hack" into the System? LOL.

I have worked in Information Security for over 15 years. I have done ivestigative research for computer hacking for top 500 corporations.

I have never once, seen where someone contacts their local computer company to hire someone to hack.

Someone who truly unethically wanted to hack into a computer system would not hire a hacker at a local computer store. Nor would they pay them directly where it could easily be traced.

As a computer professional I had to chuckle when I read this.

I don't know anything about Halverson. But I know people, and I know hackers, and I know those wanting to hack. This Judge may have been interested in finding out about emails from employees, but hacking is not the same thing.

I guess the real question I have, is was the system hacked? Because if someone wants to hack it, there is always someone willing to do the job. Just not usually at the local computer store.


(Suggest removal) 1/28/08 at 11:03 a.m.

My money s on "Negligently UNAWARE of its existence". The Nevada Courts do whatever they choose and make excuses and have vast cover-ups when they do not want to deal with what is right in front of their eyes.

While I appreciate Mr. Williammcgaha's Switzerland type approach, this matter should never have had to go to the Supreme Court. Had SENIOR Judge Thompson paid attention and looked at what was presented(could he have fallen asleep??) there would not have been any need to use more tax payer money to go to a higher court.

Again, I find it amusing how some Judges are protected and others are held up to criticism and trashed for the smallest mistakes.

Good ole Nevada law.

(Suggest removal) 1/23/08 at 3:08 p.m.

Wow. I hope a complaint will be filed with the Commission. After all Judge Thompson made a mistake. He is supposed to be a "SENIOR" seasoned judge. How could he makes such an ignorant decesion. Does he not know the law?

I personally think he is a "Threat to the admisistration of Justice". I mean, how would such a seasoned judge not know the law.

Hey Kathy Hardcastle... you going to take away his Civil cases now. Afterall a seasoned Judge should not make these sort of mistakes.

Y'all worry about Halverson being an embrassement to the Judicary? LOL.. what a joke.

The current Judges are what is making the Judiciary look bad. Especially the Leader ..Hardcastle.

Had this been Halverson's decesion I am sure she would have been attacked and been set up on charges. Why the difference in attitude Hardcastle? Sounds like Court Administration and the Chief Judge protect those they like and sell the others down the river.

You are all so transparent.

(Suggest removal) 1/23/08 at 9:42 a.m.

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