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Nov. 2, 2011

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1FootballFan, I agree with you on Cheyenne. I don't believe they are a very strong team. They may have more talent than most 3A teams with a top RB. But would be hard pressed to make 4A playoffs.

Sportsarefun, I don't mean to take away from Moapa. What they have done this season is to be celebrated. And I wish them success through the playoffs. My only point is, and this is just an opinion, of the 4 #4 seeds for the 4A playoffs, Foothill, Silverado, CM, and SR, I don't believe they could handle Silverado's size and RB, or SR with their talent and QB. I do believe they could possibly beat a banged up Foothill, and CM. Not sure they could, but wouldn't be surprised if they could. The 3 #3 seeds LV, Basic/Coro, Legacy, and Durango I believe would handle Moapa because of their size and athleticism. I guess the best way to look at it, is if you had to BET YOUR HOME on who would win, Moapa or any of these 8 teams who would you take? In my opinion, which is just that an opinion only, I would only pick Moapa over Foothill and CM. SR and Moapa would be a toss up. Definitely Silverado over Moapa. Therefore I would place Moapa at #14 or #15 overall in Southern Nevada.

I do think Moapa is the class of their division and of the 24 4A teams in Sou NV, I would put them ahead of 9 to 10 of the 4A teams. The question is how good is Moapa? Their schedule is as follows:Blue Ridge aD3 school in AZ they lost to. Here is a list of teams from Nevada w this yr records.

Pahrump 2-7
Clark 1-8
Faith 5-4
Western 1-8
SunriseMtn 2-7
Chap 4-5
BC 8-1
VV 5-4
DP 5-4

Most of each teams wins are against each other. We just don't know how good Moapa is yet because of their schedule. Once again I do believe they will win their division. But outside the game in AZ, which both teams were sloppy because of so early in season, Moapa hasn't been tested yet.
I wish them luck and hope they bring the State Championship Trophy back to Southern Nevada. I believe they would have won last year if they hadnt lost their QB. The best comment Tuasdad said and you reiterated was Its sure fun to speculate.

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Once again the 4A teams Moapa beat last year weren't in the playoffs meaning not in the top 16. Look at Moapa schedule, best win is over BC. C'mon BC is there best win. Not trying to take anything away from them but no wins against a 4 A team this year, I'm not saying they can't beat a 4A team, just not more than 1 or 2 of the 16 teams that will make the playoffs. So that being said, that would leave them at about 15th in southern Nevada . When there big moment is beating a 4A team last year that couldn't even make the playoffs (which 16 teams do) then why do those 2 victories make them a top team. They lost to Legacy and they finished 6th in their division. I'm just saying, top 3A team doesn't make you a top 10 4A team.

But as Tuasdad said, "we will never know though that's what makes speculating fun".

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Tuasdad, the Basic/Coronado loser will play the CS/GV loser in the first round. The matchups will probaby be as follows:
#1 Liberty vs #4 Silverado
#2 Basic/Cor winner vs #3 Las Vegas
#3 Basic/Cor loser vs #2 CS/GV loser
#4 Foothill vs #1 CS/GV winner

In Sunset
#1 BG vs #4 SRidge
#2 Cent vs #3 Durango
#3 Legacy vs #2 Palo/AV loser
#4 CM vs #! Palo/AV winner

No offense to Moapa, but I don't think they could beat any of these teams. Maybe 2 or 3, but at least 12-14 of these teams would beat Moapa. 3A is a pretty big step down from the 4A division. I think that the coaches at Moapa have done a good job up there, but they are playing in a pretty weak division, considering Pahrump made the playoffs. Outside Cheyenne, these other playoff teams never hardly sniffed the playoffs. And this is not the Cheyenne of old. I know DP has made the playoffs before, But they don't have near the size or talent of past either. DP only has about 25 kids on the team. To show the level of competition the Lewis kid at Cheyenne had about 40-50 yds against CS with them playing 2nd and 3rd stringers. Yet he runs for 300 yds and 15 tds a game against 3A comp.

Its good they now have a 3A division considering last year there were only 3 teams in the southern part of the state. Now 3A has a lot more local interest. And teams like Mojave, Faith, and Pahrump now get to experience a playoff game. And it's more meaningful to Moapa, BC, and VV.

Good luck to all teams in the playoffs this week and we will get to see the 3 other league championships decided. Should be a great week of football.

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The problem with playing on Thursday is that the teams only get today and tmrw to have full practice. Wed the freshmen and JV games start at 4:00. So the varsity has to be off the field by 3:30. So you're playing for your league championship or place in the playoffs with only 2 days to get ready. But it's just proof of how badly high school football is handled in this state. There is plenty of talent in this city. But the high school coaching is just pitiful. BG has more freshmen coaches than many teams have varsity coaches. A lot of teams have 6 or 7 total plays and 1 or 2 defense alignments. It's really sad for these kids who have grown up playing most of their lives and worked so hard, to be stuck in schools with coaches who care so little or are so under qualified. The biggest difference between HS football in Nevada and the rest of the country is the coaching. The coaches should be embarrassed by this. Everyone knows this to be true, but I'm sure these coaches, most all of them think, "oh they're not talking about me." Yes we are talking about you. There is about a 1/3 of the schools who don't have a freshmen team or JV team anymore. Some don't have either. That is unbelievable. There is no way this should ever happen. Without the feeder programs, what is going to happen to the football in the next couple of years. Remember, our HS are 2-3000 students that is huge. Larger than most HS in any other state. As the talent level has gone down at BG, it's their coaching that keeps them at the top. Until the schools decide to get serious about their coaching hires and holding them to a higher standard it's only going to stay the same or get worse.

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Like seeing everyone getting fired up for the playoffs. LTG, no offense but a lot of excuses about why Truckee didn't play better. If anybody has an excuse it's Moapa last year when they lost their QB. To MVP s credit he didn't try to take away from Truckees championship last year although he easily could. I'm. With Tusdad, the winner of Moapa/Cheyenne I believe will be state champion I favor Moapa. I also believe they are better suited for the travel. One thing I don't agree with is Moapa ranked in the top 10 in the state. Remember Cheyenne got dominated by CS. I think there is probably 15 teams in 4A that would easily handle any of the 3A teams. Let's not kid ourselves, this is 3A. There is a big difference between between the better programs in 4A and these 3A teams. The realignment is not perfect, but it's much better than what it was last year. And now we all are paying attention to 3A compared to last year when we only had 3 teams from southern Nevada in the division.

So good luck to all the teams playing this week. It's WIN or GO HOME.

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