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February 22, 2017

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Aug. 24, 2010

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What is the future of Nevada??? Gbigs thinks it is mining and engineering, maybe it is, but right now we need to get people educated so that we can plan for the future. With kids graduating from high school some barely able to read, we in Nevada need to think about what the future holds for our future. Tourism is diminishing so we really do need to think about how to educate people so that there will continue to be work here. If we don't... well then there will be no tax money because so many people will be unemployed and living off the government. Let's educate people and get them jobs not just wait for a brighter day.

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All this talk about UNR and UNLV, but what no one has mentioned is that Higher Education also includes the community colleges. If we cut the budget for NSHE we will also cut funding for real world education. Not every person is destined to be a Doctor or a CPA, many students just want to learn a trade or get there AA. Schools like TMCC and CSN teach those students. What we need to do is cut budgets to areas that are already covered. For example, why do we need Nevada State and UNLV within a few minutes of each other? They are both serving the same 4 year students. Let's be wise with the funding and plan for the future.

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