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February 19, 2017

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Oct. 25, 2012

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This idiot was sworn in as a Nevada State Assemblyman, even after, threatening the life of another assembly person. Not to mention all of his mental, criminal problems to follow. Since I am now paying his salary until he kills someone, and since I am a gun advocate, I propose that if he promises to put the gun up to his head and pull the trigger, sell him one!

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Mr. Oceguera, we as Nevadans, do not want additional taxes preserving the education system. What happened to good teaching, without additional taxes? Social services? What does that include? I am retired, and have paid into the system my entire life. Sorry, don't want to pay for social services! Never depended on food stamps, never applied for public assistance, had my tubes tied after 2 children because I could comfortably support them, and now what,you want me, from my Social Security check, to support someone without any morals or ethics? Get smart, this way of thinking, led by our President, is why we are in this mess!

(Suggest removal) 10/25/12 at 9:17 p.m.

So, you finally got a return phone call, and that was enough to change your endorsement? I guess that's all it takes when you are an egomaniac. Sir, you are the owner of a major "news" station in Las Vegas and should remain neutral on political matters. Nobody really cares about your views on education. By the way, nobody except "Nevada High School Graduates" can understand them. Present the news, in an unbiased way. Stop firing the best newscasters you have, i.e. Sophia Choi, Dan Ball, and please stop advertising your Twitter tweets!

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