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Eric-Robinson Lowe
Nov. 8, 2009

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Some readers are just incapable of understanding language written in news articles. Just because all news reporters are incapable of being at all convenience stores and know when someone is being violent doesn't mean the writer didn't have enough "ink" at the time - they just didn't know about or were asked to write about it by the police. Perhaps one reader should look into a story - before quickly criticizing the cover.

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When a motorcyclist gets hit -- people rant and rave about car/truck drivers not paying attention assuming the motorcyclist was not at fault. When a pedestrian gets hit -- people rant and rave about car/truck drivers not paying attention assuming the pedestrian was not at fault. So what is it then when a motorcyclist hits a pedestrian? Or did the pedestrian hit the motorcyclist?

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It's not an article - it is a link to an article on Poker News Daily web site.

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Maybe it is just me -- but hasn't the news been clearly stating that this ruling is only in regards to the CURRENT CONTRACT and not next year's contract? This ruling only prevents CCSD from forcing teachers to pay back money they have already given them! How would you like your employer, private sector or not, from giving you pay you earned all year and then asking for a chunk of it back in one lump sum? AND if this ruling is for the CURRENT CONTRACT why would Dwight Jones be threatening layoffs? Only because he wants to distill fear in this workforce! Both sides have to go back to the table to determine what to do next year and Jones has already shown his cards -- don't side with me and I'll fire you! Now who is bulling who at school?

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Admittedly, not an Elvis fan, I enjoyed the show. Like Ka it told a story but instead of being mystical, this story was of one of the greatest musicians in our history. Problem is, fame/popularity in music comes and go and even though Elvis has a huge fan base even to this day it just wasn't enough to bring in the crowds. With all that has recently happened to Michael Jackson or his legacy The Immortal is not likely to share the same fate, at least, not anytime soon. To replace Elvis I'd imagine a revolving production of various shows equal to what The Smith Center is going to offer next year. I'd go see someone sing an aria at Aria!

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