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July 9, 2009

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No tax dollars were spent on his trip. That's not how these trips work.
I would be very skeptical of Sharon Angle if I was a Tea party member.
Her remarks consistently reveal a very low level of understanding how the economy works. If I was an investor in Nevada, I would look to invest in new energy firms and green projects. This is the wave of the future. And it would provide thousands of jobs to Nevadans as well as good financial return for investors. But Angle has no experience in dealing with this sort of thing.
She just makes socially divisive comments and doesn't give out any details.
Obama has a good Secretary of Energy right now. We can have an economic boom if we push this stuff. But I don't think Angle has the expertise or interest or skill.

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Angle has made ugly statements about Latinos and Asians. She seems to think that she is entitled to define who people are. Now she displays her ignorance about borders and politics. She thinks that the Canadian border is the most dangerous one. You have to wonder if she can think at all. Is this the best the Tea Party can do?

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The simple fact: Ensign committed adultery. There were payments, and there could be criminal charges regarding them. The choice was his, and he decided to commit adultery, which is morally wrong. So any religious talk from him now is hypocrisy.

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The simple facts: Ensign committed adultery, and various payments were made. This is morally wrong, and possibly criminal depending on what other information comes out about the payments.

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