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Nov. 24, 2010

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I'm not sure if you are serious with using one kid who stole 50 thousand dollars in goods also possessing marijuana as an example for why it should be illegal. I sure hope not, but I will respond as if you were serious because I don't think someone could possibly base a belief off of that.

I am quite baffled by your quick judgement based off of one mere incident where someone just so happen to have marijuana. What about all the other things he had? Should those be illegal too Rowdy? Just because someone posses or uses a substance does not mean that the substance should be illegal. If one idiot abuses it, should all of us be punished? No. Look at alcohol, Rowdy. Alcohol causes the same issues in the sense you are referring to alcohol. Even more, alcohol causes dependence, marijuana does not. Alcoholics steal, yet we are still allowed to personally decide how much alcohol we intake legally. Why should it be different for marijuana? Marijuana is proven to be less harmful.

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"jon, I guess you forgot to count all of the deaths caused by drivers high on weed who are in fatal accidents."

How many? Could you count them for me? Please, I'd love to see where "all the deaths" are proven. I'm sure it's not even 1/10th the fraction of alcohol! Let alone 1/1000th of the accidents caused by SOBER driving. Should driving as a whole be considered a crime? You stated deaths were caused by people being high, deaths are caused by people being sober as well, at a much higher rate. By your logic, it should.

" Or the deaths caused by dealers, users, etc. shooting each other, or worse, some innocent witness or bystander over weed."

That's a result of prohibition. If the drug wasn't illegal in the first place, we wouldn't have this violence or the illegal distribution issue.

"Not to mention the adults who neglect their children because their drug habit runs their life."

Again, this is illegal use and underage. Not to mention the drug does not "ruin their life". It's not addicting, it doesn't cause damage internally, and it certainly has not ruined ONE family I have ever known. Not one. I know literally thousands of teenagers and none of their "lives were ruined by marijuana" like you claimed. How many "lives were ruined" from alcohol? Do you think those numbers could ever compete with cannabis? NO. It never has and never will.

"You see it in the news all the time. Yes, indeed there are deaths caused by weed. By the way, in California, a legalization measure was just defeated at the ballot box. and raids on "dispenseries" are common in California, as well."

There are deaths? Find me them. Show me the actual studies done which link marijuana to the death of its users. You claim they are "all over the news", please, show me them. You seem way too confident in your uneducated opinion on the subject, when in reality your post was composed of our most commonly believed myths.

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