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Jan. 16, 2008

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The delegate count is irrelevant at this point, and the chair of the Nevada party has pointed out as much. And, by that argument, Clinton placed second in Iowa, not third, as the media too eagerly jumped over. The people have spoken, move on and do better in the next state. The vitriol of the Obama supporters is shocking.

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Though I support Hillary Clinton, I would like to state that Barack Obama is not a muslim (not that it should matter), and we all know that. That is an unfair and excessively personal attack, and it is absolutely false. Let's focus on the people as indiviuals and consider who is best prepared to lead our nation and where these candidates stand on the issues.

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Katy, the Clinton campaign was not lying about Obama's suspect votes on choice issues. Illinois chapter for the National Organization of Women indicated that they COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT endorse Obama for US Senate, choosing to endorse no one, because he had never been a leader in pro-choice issues. He voted present seven times, only one of these times was strategically planned with Planned Parenthood. It would be wrong to say he is anti-choice, but that's not what the email said that he has not been a leader on this issue, which he has not been.

Nevertheless, I will concede that it was a bit of a cheap shot, and Obama has certainly taken his fair share of cheap shots as well. I don't think anything Hillary's campaign has done even compares to the BS Obama has pulled in Nevada. He refused to denounce the UNITE HERE ads even though they were blatantly suggesting the Clintons do not respect Hispanics as human beings (i.e. they are racist...don't even get me started on all the other race baiting he has engaged in without taking any sort of responsibility), and now he is being a sore loser. The Clintons did not want the strip caucus sites, but the judge ruled in a way that should have helped no one was "disenfranchised" as he claims, except for the teachers who had to work caucus sites, nurses who had to care for patients, etc (and these are demographics that probably would have learned towards Hillary). The caucus was set up in a way that favored whoever got the Culinary endorsement, and that has been stated again and again. It favored Obama, an he still lost. Deal with it. ANd cut the crap about the 13 delegates. The Nevada Democratic Party has released a statement indicated no delegates have been apportioned. Why do people insist on perpetuating false information? Facts are stubborn things.

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She won, the Obama campaign needs to stop crying foul. They are sore losers.

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He is a sore loser. Nothing more to it. If I didn't support him before, I certainly don't support him now. The Clintons have been talking about voting irregularities and concerns about pressure for a few days now. Obama kept silent when he thought it would benefit him, and now that he has lost, he is just acting like an immature adolescent. He lost. The Clintons said the game was not fair, he said it was, and said they were being divisive for suggesting otherwise. Now that he lost, he claims it wasn't fair. Pardon my french, but he is full of s**t.

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