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Jan. 5, 2008

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I was never lucky enough to meet Barbara Greenspun, but I worked for the Greenspun company for a short while and have nothing but respect for the family. They are kind, classy people, and my heart goes out to them. I had heard many amazing stories about Hank Greenspun, but after reading this you really realize that he never would have never been such a legend without his amazing wife and partner. My deepest sympathies.

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I interviewed this guy about two years ago. He was outside the Democratic presidential debates and was wearing the barrel then too. If I remember correctly, he believes he was ripped off by one of the casinos from a jackpot he might have won at the slot machines. At the time, he seemed a little crazy, but pretty harmless and was just trying to get attention for the fact that he felt he'd been wronged. My guess is this won't be the last time he appears in the news.

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Great interview! I've always been a big Smokey Robinson fan. Glad you guys got 'em to sing at the end.

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