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Jan. 22, 2012

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Mr. Coburn, as the mother of the Autistic child mentioned, as well as Alex & Nick Anderson, I will tell you that my children are EXTREMELY educated about government, world affairs and politics! My twins bugged the heck out of their THIRD GRADE their teachers to hold a mock caucus during our last Presidential election! And, thanks to Nick & Alex, their class DID hold one! They have gone to numerous political activities, have met several presidential candidates and other notables such as Mitt Romney, Governor Tim Pawlenty, Governor Schwartzenegger, and various local politicians. They have worked on both of Mitt Romney's campaigns - as young as 7 years old! All four of my children watch every debate, election results and watch O'Reilly EVERY night with us! I can assure you, they are being taught about Socialism and Marxism, so they can be our future - and preserve our liberty!! Future City has NO political influence whatsoever. What it does do is teach children how how be good stewards of the precious little resources we DO have, and find alternative ways to power a city, conserve water, invent alternative fuels..... Its THEIR choice! And 99% of them eliminate the need for fossile fuels - and to tap into other resources that are plentiful without harming the environment! How can this be a BAD thing? With the majority of todays children glued to their IPhones and Xboxes, having Jr High aged kids willing to be involved in a project of this magnitude, and taking an interest in finding solutions where OUR OWN GOVERNMENT is too corrupt or lazy to, is astonishing! Maybe if an adult like yourself got involved in Future City, and mentored them, YOU would look at the city you live in with different eyes, and would be a better steward yourself! In a world full of can't, won't, isn't,...these kids learn the ONLY limitation to solving their world/cities problems are the limitations of their imagination!! Ernie Rambo is an amazing teacher that encourages, supports and teaches these kids much more than scale and city management! She teaches them its ok to think big and out of the box! That they can do ANYTHING they set their minds to! Aric is proof of that! After being in Ms. Rambo's class and participating in The Future City competetion twice, he had the self confidence to audition at LVA..he figured if he can speak and answer questions of a panel of engineers about nanotechnology and algaesynthesis, playing the upright bass for one person would be much less stressful! And he GOT IN! He's a Junior, in the World Jazz Studies program, and has scholarship opportunities because of it! And it all started with Ernie and Future City!! So please, you have it ALL wrong! I challenge you to go watch the regionals next January! You'll be amazed at the kids!!

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