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July 3, 2008

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Thanks for spotting the typo, thekube. The misguided "P" has been replaced by a "B" -- cheers.

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Hi Mr_Burns,

Thanks so much for your feedback.

I thought the show started mighty close to 8 p.m. Perhaps my watch is slow. Either way, 8 or 8:10 p.m. is on-time in my books, all things considered. (Mariah Carey and Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean Combs should take note.)

I'm not sure what you meant about my reference to Dylan's coherence. Everyone I spoke to was equally impressed -- longtime Dylan fans and new ones alike. Same goes with his guitar playing.

As far as his encore goes, it is not surprising that he does one -- most artists play pre-planned encores these days.

That said, Dylan playing an encore is surprising in a larger context: He is so raw and otherwise unconventional, and generally refuses to be phony. If there is any artist out there who would buck the norm, I'd think it would be him. Planned encores seem wrong to me on an ongoing basis, at a Dylan show especially.

Again, thanks for your thoughts. I welcome all feedback and can be reached at [email protected] if you ever want to chat directly.


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Hey Lauren! You looked like a grown woman when the jumbotron camera panned over you -- sorry if you took offense :) Glad you enjoyed the show!

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Hi Stevem,

I'm confused by your comment. You reference "some chick" but there were no "chicks" DJing at Rain on Saturday morning and I don't mention any female performers in my story, either. is definitely a man. Some might even say he's the man. :)

You also complain about him "warbling" over "someone else's music" -- yet much of said "warbling" was done over his own music, or his own remixes. He also had two of his three Black Eyed Peas bandmates join him onstage, further legitimizing the set.

All in all, as far as celeb DJs go he's as legit as they come.

I'm going to assume that you weren't at the show on Friday night. That's too bad; had you been there, you might have developed a slight appreciation for the technical intricacies that DJing requires.

While some DJs just push play and let their play list be their set list, others -- the good ones, like -- are in continuous motion, adding layers, mixing, etc. as they go along. And yes, I do think that qualifies as a performance.

If you're ever interested in catching a solid DJ set, I'd be happy to give you some suggestions as to where to go, who to see, etc. As they say, you really shouldn't knock it until you try -- or, in this case, hear and see -- it.

That said, thanks for your comment and happy reading.

PS: I actually interviewed in January after he accepted an award for a video he produced. He struck me as a remarkably intelligent, creative personality and the resulting story can be found here:

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Why thank you, lloydman94107! I can use all the help I can get :) Glad you enjoyed the story -- it was a fun event.

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