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February 27, 2017

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July 8, 2009

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I only hope there is mandatory drug screening from time to time because she smokes pot and I don't believe she will stop.

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And nobody gave Bill Clinton any money for not having sex with that intern. Sun=hypocrite.

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There is only one solution that would solve most of the problems in politics in America. It is called term limits. President has a term limit. So should Congress. Way to often you have politicians who never had a real job telling others in the private sector how to do their jobs. And this is wrong. And if you want to talk about corruption in the private sector, there is just as much corruption if not more in the government sector. There would be a totally different attitude in Washington if there was new blood every two years unlike re-electing the "Good ole 'Buddies' Groups" that now strangle both parties in the Capital. Nobody in real life can operate the way the government is operating today. Some kind of sanity needs to be the new rule in DC because the status quo of today is not working.

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If Rory (minus his last name) doesn't like lobbyists maybe he should dissown his lobbyist family ties too.

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Oscar, then why support Harry Reid?

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