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tony Chaskelson
Feb. 13, 2011

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The ESPN commentator has said it perfectly .... "They need to upgrade the security and prohibit bottles and dangerous objects at the games. These problems have been solved all over the world. The promoters are too cheap to hire properly trained and sufficient security. I went to the Real Madrid game - there were fights all over the stadium, drunk guys yelling and screaming and the security guys ignored them. By the second half there were no security guards to be seen in our section. Very disappointing and I would not go back because the atmosphere was charged with danger.

If you want to promote soccer, spend the money on crowd control - you need overwhelming force and well trained guards. You could even get dozens of volunteers to work in exchange for allowing them to watch the games.

Do it correctly !!!

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A very sad story, probably the fifth on this subject I have read in this paper so far. I am a little frustrated at the way this story has been presented in the Las Vegas Sun - most of the articles have described Jody as a glorious entrepreneur, an icon in the internet start up world, a man to be admired and to applaud his bold and brave efforts.

I don't mean to take a shot at the sad struggles of Jody, we all have our demons and his efforts are not the point of my comments. Rather I am critical of the way in which his story has been portrayed as a brave battle against the massive difficulty of succeeding as an entrepreneur and founder of a start up. Shame on the Sun for this sappy, poor characterization of a man who brazenly regarded his investors as suckers, who lied, misrepresented and committed outright fraud and embezzlement of millions of dollars. He was not an icon to be admired and emulated and holding him out as such sets a terrible context for the young would be entrepreneurs who have been following this story. Where is the article that questions his integrity and paints a more accurate narrative of his utter disregard for his investors hard earned investment? What are we saying to our future business leaders ... "its okay to start a company, raise millions of dollars from friends and family, misrepresent the business, hide the true finances of the business, attempt to manipulate the top line revenue by buying sales for 125 cents on the dollar so you can have a good quarter at the expense of building the business, never consult your cofounder, co-executives or investors regarding the problems of the business and finally make a last desperate gamble with the last few million dollars again without consulting any of the people who sacrificed, gave you their trust, money and sweat equity.
I have built many business, I have raised millions of dollars from friends and family - most times I was lucky enough to succeed, BUT - I always regarded other peoples money as more valuable than my own, as a sacred trust to be honored and determined to strive to return a profit to them at all costs.
In my eyes, he broke every rule of how a business should be built, how money should be raised, how to inspire and lead from the front with integrity, work ethic, determination and true business vision.
I feel this kind of sloppy, uncritical journalism undermines the integrity of the paper, the internet industry, the Downtown Project and the other brave sincere entrepreneurs who are making big sacrifices to build something worthwhile in Las Vegas.

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I am strongly in favor of this development - it puts Las Vegas on the map as a major city in the same way that the Smith Center established us as a serious city with a cultural heart beat. One would think that the major casino owners, MGM, Caesars would be strongly supportive of an event center that will draw 60,000 visitors 15 times a year. Aside from the obvious revenue that this generates in terms of new jobs in construction, retail, service sector, lets do a simple calculation ..... assume that 1/3rd of the stadium is occupied by visitors to the city, that translates to 20,000 extra visitors 15 times a year. That is 3 MILLION EXTRA VISITORS TO VEGAS ANNUALLY. Now, these visitors don't just fly or drive in and leave, they stay for a weekend somewhere, they eat at restaurants, gamble, drink, go to shows, they spend money on their trip. Instead of the casinos being concerned about losing their control over the arena market they should be embracing this project with both arms. In the same way that the land based casinos opposed online gaming 10 years ago and then realized that they were likely to be the biggest beneficiaries, they are likely to be huge winners if we get this stadium supported, financed and built ASAP. Write to your local state legislator, get them to support this project.

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"Poker makes up more than 90 percent of the betting games played online." - THIS IS A TOTALLY INACCURATE STATEMENT. Between casino games, sports betting and poker, poker is the smallest of the three markets.

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I completely agree with the sentiments expressed, however, the greatest threat to our democracy lies in the disintegration of objective investigative journalism and the polarisation of television news. I see two serious issues, worsening every few years: Firstly, I have read that over the past few decades, TV news divisions have retrenched over 80 % of their investigative staff - this leads to a reliance on "other sources" for news; and secondly, with operating profits for the news divisions playing a greater role, we can see extreme political editorial content masquerading as news on many network news programs. Sadly, the general public fail to determine the distinction between news stations advancing a specific political agenda, and quality investigative journalism. The result is a frighteningly misinformed and misled public. Given the weakening quality of objective television reporting and the eroding advertiser base for print journalism, I am greatly concerned that we are accelerating in the wrong direction. I sure hope we find an alternative business model to preserve one of the cornerstones of our democracy and financial system. One can't help but wonder if the massive fraud underlying the sub prime mortgage crisis would have been exposed sooner and those primarily responsible (Angelo Mozilo et al) would face serious criminal prosecution, if the news rooms had been able to maintain their full complement of investigative journalists. Optimistically inclined.

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