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Aug. 16, 2009

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As a resident in Henderson I have never felt intimidated by or felt that the police here were out to get me. Granted I don't usually pull knives on people or go looking for trouble. Maybe if that were the case I would feel a little differently. Judging by your screen name and some of your comments about how you feel they are waiting for you to "f up" and how they make it a long expensive day when you do, I am guessing you have had some experience with them. I'm sorry to be the one to let you in on this secret but the friendly tours of a police station ended in the third grade along with personal attacks on someone based on the spelling of their screen name. It is funny how people support the police in their efforts to protect and serve until the police are protecting and serving the community from them. You also assumed that the policeman who fired was "probably a rookie," and was scared enough to "soil himself," but yet had the wherewithal to mozambique someone which is, from what I'm told, a tactic somewhat frowned upon in law enforcement. Even if he was a rookie, since his new employee orientation included training on how to make decisions that would allow him to go home to his family at night, I'm guessing he was in a better position to decide what to do than you, who's job orientation probably included little more than where to find the bathroom and who ordered the office supplies.

If she had killed that cop the town would have shut down, flags would be at half mast, the city's freeways would be shut down for a funeral in respect for a "fallen hero," and she would have been exposed for what she was, a woman who thought it was acceptable to pull a knife on a policeman.
But since she died and he lived henderson is an oppressive police-state?

It is sad the city settled rather than fight it. I assume that the economic climate is what drove the decision to do so. It was cheaper than drawing it out, which was, in reality exactly what should have been done.

The city's mistake here is to set a precedent that the family of criminals killed by police is entitled to a settlement.

I am not a policeman and have no cops in my family, but I respect what they do and the decisions they make. If I were one to think they needed to change their approach to a job I know little about I would join them and stop posting my opinions on a comment board.

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