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Jan. 11, 2010

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yes I am a Pacman fan so I'm going to layout some FACTS before you guys accuse pacquiao of being the one to cause the agreement to go south.

-the only reason why pacquiao wouldn't agree to a blood test near fight night is that he did the same with his first fight against Morales. He thought its going to weaken him and he ended up losing the first fight. its about every individual fighters psyche. Mayweather uses xylocaine injections to numb his hands during every fight for him to hit longer and harder w/o feeling a thing and I know what you guys are going to comment "he has a history of hand problems" i know but that could have easily been caused by him repeatedly using the drug and not knowing that he has already busted his hands long ago.

-He made a very fair compromise which requires him a blood test 30days before the fight and one IMMEDIATELY after the fight, if it turns out positive then they will reverse the decision/winnings. He was ready to sign this agreement but the mayweather camp kept asking for more demands and that finally pissed off Bob Arum and decided to go with Clottey

-promoters from both sides met and talked many times not just one sitting and each time bob arum matches what the mayweathers propose they keep asking for more ridiculous requests all the way down to using 10ounce(softer) gloves instead of an 8ounce glove. pacquiao has agreed to every one of them aside from the blood test close to the fight and I agree with the above comment that this is an insult to the nevada sports commission's process of drug testing because its one of the most extensive and technologically updated urine tests out there(testing for 30 KINDS OF STEROIDS/PED)before and after the fight

-pacquiao said in everyone of his interviews that he will fight anyone anywhere anytime so he's yes all the way

-mayweather even said during his Brian Kenny interview that quote "i could beet him(pacquiao) easily...easily, he has no class and he's linear" and he is basing this on the pacman fights he has seen so HYPOTHETICALLY why would it even matter if he is in fact using steroids. He claims from the start that he can easily beat him. I mean c'mon and it has been clearly proven that he has been avoiding quality contenders from the start i.e. Cotto, Mosley, etc. He keeps claiming that he's the best and #1 p4p fighter out there so y not just sign the damn paper and prove it Pacquiao is just being fair and firm on his one belief about that blood testing

people lie, facts don't! nuf said...

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