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February 26, 2017

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Feb. 27, 2013

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The only reason why marijuana is dangerous is because it's still part of the black market. No one dies from consumption. Only deaths that have anything to do with it is from gang relation.

How do our government officials not realize that if they were to legalize it and regulate it like alcohol, and tobacco- which kill hundreds of thousands of americans each year, they will be pulling all the danger away from it by getting it out of the hands of criminal dealings. Remember the prohibition of alcohol, that didn't work either.

Then theres the worry about people driving. Marijuana smokers are safer drivers than drunk drivers! Anyone that has smoked weed can vouch for that. Most dangerous thing I can see someone doing is waiting for a stop sign to turn green and driving slower.. "oooo, so dangerous" - sarcasm

It's mind boggling to me that Las Vegas, NV does not have it legalized by now. A city where gambling is legal, prostitution is happening right underneath everyone noses, but we can't have a plant that harms no one.

Our country has gone through the looking glass from Alice in Wonderland, and needs to wake the hell up.

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