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Maurice Drew
Jan. 20, 2010

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this is the issue. republicans cannot be honest. dems may have called repubs the enemy but there is not one recent case where dems have promoted bringing fire arms to rallies, spoke about second amendment remedies, talked about taking "our" country back or called the opponent unamerican. this type of senseless ignorant baiting comes only from the right. dems may not be perfect but they are not asking their angry followers to arm themselves for revolution. there are no democratic bachmanns, no democratic becks, no democratic rushes, these are providence of the right, the tea party. once you guys admit that type of unfocused anger is an issue, you can grow up and help run the country like adults.

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really? this is the person who conservatives want to represent us in the U.S. Congress? Really? I understand being angry and misplacing that anger on Reid, but Angle? You guys should be ashamed. I wouldn't vote for an idiot just to prove a point, I love the country too much.

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here's the scary. people are willing to vote for Angle because she will vote NO on everything. i'm sorry but American used to be a place where we wanted to do things, go to the moon, build dams to put people to work, build interstate highways. i've asked this one before, repubs, what are YOU FOR? is it NO to everything? how do you progress by simply doing nothing? no to taxes, no to new buildings, no to insurance, no to raises for teachers, no to public schools, no to arenas, no, no, no. please, move away and go NO some place else. i'd like to build a great country and state by saying YES to progress, even if it requires paying higher taxes on my $100,000 a year plus income. yes to American Progress, no on Angle.

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See? This is Republicans suck. Over 900 people to be employed and all you guys can do is complain? Very sad for the Angle supporters. If one of those jobs went to a family member and helped them stay in their home or pay the bills would it matter if it was "administrative"? Again, sad.

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so what is government for, antiliberal? your can drink tap water and it's always on, the food is mostly safe to eat, your mail is always delivered, the schools stay open, the dmv is open, libraries are open and the military does it's job without hesitation. it would be nice if we asked you what government functions you enjoy and cut the rest but we'd like to live in a civilized society not anarchy. again, funny, repubs get into government because they think it's a mess and lo and behold, they make it a mess. maybe we should elect people who think government is essential to a functioning republic and then hold their feet to the fire to make it better. again, repubs, WHAT ARE YOU FOR? do you stand for anything other than less of everything? the world is going forward, governments and all, it would be fun if you could join us. and what is government waste? are you the arbiter of waste and abuse? i pay taxes too, even for the wars i didn't agree with and to support the governor i didn't vote for. you can't pick and choose to be a part of the country only when your sides in power. your side had it's day and 14.7% unemployment was the result.

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