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Dec. 15, 2008

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This is not a SHOCKER!!!! These bus drivers drive way to FAST!!!! I first came to Vegas I said to my husband, I'm sure glad our kids don't take the school bus, he says WHY AND I SAID BECAUSE THEY DRIVE WAY TO FAST AND CRAZY... I have called numerous times to complain about busses driver fast through school flashing lights and through regular streets that are like 45 , they go 55 to 60 on those roads and they DONT LOOK when passing lanes.. I had only called because the bus drivers on 2 different occassions had just about side swpe me, had I not moved quickly it would have been a terribl accident. I tell you If one of them hit one of my kids or did actually crashed into me I would get out of my TRUCK and KICK there ASS... They need to keep checking those drivers out all over this town.. It happens every whree

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That is a also another great big problem here in LV. I sat at a hospital for 2 days in a row and expeirenced how doctors just give out MEDs for some patience complaints. What I think is that they just give and give and give meds out and people get hooked so they just are in need for this. I know someone who has been taking CHANTIX and PROZAC so they can QUIT chewing, come on thats in sane, now they feel they need those meds now, so then that person had a surgery they gave him MORPHINE and then other MEDS then sent him home with OXYCOdone, COME ON is it really needed.. Thatindivisul started to loose contact with the real world andfamily and realized that and QUIT taking it all.. He would or could have been just another MED filled indivisual out there driving under PHARM MEDS that are LEGAL. They should post on the labels DRIVE UNDER THESE MEDS WILL BE 5 TO LIFE in PRISON. What ever happened to TYLENOL Or MOTRIN ????

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this is very sad, becuase it just happened out there a week before this accident. I am seriously wondering whats really going on.... I think there is something lurking out there in the lake... come on adults drowning???HMMM must be very strong currents out there, maybe it should be OFF LIMIT now... AREA 51 close by????

My prayer and condolence goes out to the family...

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OH COME ON.... If I opened up a stand selling what my husband is good at doing on a street corner I would be either SUED or FINED and maybe jailed.... They have stands every where.. out in drive ways,in trailer park homes in the middle of a dirt lot. Come on AMERICAN PEOPLE USA CITIZENS lets take that away from them, enough of oh poor them they will work for anything for hardly nothing they need work... WHAT ABOUT us UNITED STATE CITZENS... WE NEED WORK TOO.. My kids cant even get a simple fastfood job here,because the UNDOCUMENTED workers are taking them.... its really sicking.... We all work hard here. dont let the UNDOCUMENTED workers take it all from us...

Will you all come to my BBQ stand if I have one set up in a corner lot??? Maybe I will be arrested for that and we can get news coverage on that, "LEGAL WORKER" Gets ARRESTED for not having proper documents to sell..... HMMMM LET ME KNOW

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9/12/09 at 10:32 a.m.

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