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Oct. 4, 2009

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Too bad there are just crap shows at the Luxor, and I can eat out for less just some yards down the street. If at least I could choose tickets for the good MGM shows like KA or O... well thank you, Luxor. Thanks, but no. I can have a better time for less.

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I am from Europe and had a stopover in L.V. at all of my US trips so far.

Let's be honest: For me, it's easier, cheaper and quicker to visit "the real thing". Egypt, Rome, Paris, Monte Carlo, Venice... most of these theme inspirations are less than two hours on a plane and a hundred bucks away. So why did I go on a "trip during a trip" to Vegas though I stayed elsewhere?
It's about the condensed ambience and the abundant glamour, though it is admittedly terribly overcooked. I stayed at the Luxor because of the awesome architecture, walkways high up in the pyramid, special room decorations and things like that. Gambling has been just a side issue, not the main event to me, and I could get a decent hotel "room with a view" over here as well if I felt like it.

I think the problem is the underlying pre-regression strategy of megalomaniac inflexible managers. Maybe they thought, hey, let's try to appear premium so we can demand premium prices for our mediocre assets. We'll just try to low-cost-pimp them so that there's a change. Those few commoners who have to turn every dime, well, waste'em, they can stay off the strip or at downtown.

You know what, Harrah's, MGM? I'll comply. You are about to kill the unique Vegas glamour, so in the future I might stay off your turf and spend my money elsewhere.

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