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Jan. 25, 2010

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sitting here in Canada, listening to people complain about healthcare confuses me. Do we pay higher taxes as Canadians yes we do! But if i fall and break a leg i am covered, my work pays health benifits so my meds are free or my semiprivate room is cheap.
We make about 80+ each, my wife and I and payout about 30% in taxes yes enough to pay someone to stay home each year but we have health care, university is $6000, dollars a year and damnit we have hockey

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Wow what a article, so what are you saying here, the issue is water or the issue is money to you? But then again you are part of the Sierra Club, that explains why you can not stay on course. How about facts from people you are not paying to supply what you say. 15 billion for the project? the price tag is as low as 4.1 what numbers are you using? Think Keystone they were using numbers gathered 20 years ago and were no longer valid.

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first off; stop the growth! is this person for real, growth = jobs, growth is what built the U.S.

the courts are not going to hold up someting that has a sound plan and that will create jobs think KEYSTONE pipline hit now while the iron is hot if they agree to an oilpipline then a water pipleine is a sure bet

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oh one other thing Alberta is Canada's fastest growing economy with nothing but oil and the Gov still managed to screw it up

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as a university worker in Alberta, Canada we went through this the past two years. The Gov. took away 125 million in budget money we were faced with huge layoffs. So we (union) went ahead with early retirement plans and the wonderful furlough days and reduced hours. We took 5 days furlough, plus unpaid stat holidays (cost per pay check $390.00 before taxes) then we were offered reduced hours (offered :-)) i went from 40 hours to 35 dosen't sound to bad (that cost me $990.00 per check) so yes we took hits in the pocket book but we only had 45 layoffs from the projected 700 and we are looking at no furlough days required this year, also unneccesary projects and improvements were out on hold until things get better.
in the end we all have jobs and in IT we are moving to Gmail on campus removing all the single department mail servers and saving 3 million in hardware upgrades there are savings out there and yes it does hurt for some

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