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Sept. 5, 2010

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True Fan, the reason I still bother to read the sports section is because I got to know two of the players quite well and believe it or not, these are God fearing, lovely young persons.

My son is not "emotionally scarred" as you put it, as a matter of fact, he approached me first about wanting to leave Vegas and go to a better school.

We did not escaped, we just felt that disliking Vegas like we do would eventually take a toll on our lives. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am not a multiple sign on, just me. As for my total dislike of Vegas, that is just my opinion as I am intelligent enough to realize that there are thousands of others who love it. Hey, where else can a young person or any person go and be able to commit any unmoral acts and get away with it. By the way True Fan, do you have any children?

(Suggest removal) 9/6/10 at 2:07 p.m.

Get this right....I NO LONGER LIVE IN VEGAS. Both my son and I are out of there, for good. AS for me letting my son make his own decisions, I have no problem with that because I have raised him to now right from wrong and to never, ever, let others put pressure on him, peers or not.

UNLV does not care about its students, period, so why should they care about someone else child. Why should they care if these children drink themselves into oblivion. UNLV has the power to stop it, but they won't because they would be loosing money from selling alcohol to adults and to minors. METRO police cannot do anything about it. It is UNLV field.

Accidents do happen under the influence of alcohol. Kids driving under the influence have killed other before, worst yet, they have killed themselves.

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If you are referring to me unionstrong, I definitely got my son out of Las Vegas. Whether is at UNLV, UF, USC etc., allowing underage drinking is wrong. There is a huge problem with the mentality of those who think that drinking themselves into oblivion and reaching for a drink to celebrate whenever something goes right, or reach for a drink whenever something goes wrong, is the "cool" thing to do.

You said it well, "Las Vegas was built around gambling and drinking" but please also add prostitution, immorality and sin. How very sad.

(Suggest removal) 9/5/10 at 10:35 a.m.

My son attended UNLV for 2 years too long and now attends college far, far away from Las Vegas and that University.

Not only is Sin City part of the devil's brigade, UNLV does not stand far behind. I, too, saw young kids drink themselves into oblivion with no one trying to stop them. But then, why should we expect any different, it is Vegas, baby, where anything goes.

AS for the new Coach, UNLV will find out just what kind of person he is. I take that back, being UNLV, in Sin City, they probably already know and just plain don't care.

I did get to meet some wonderful professors and students and I also saw some wonderful sights away from the City. Now that my son is far away from there, I will never, ever return for a visit.

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