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July 2, 2009

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I agree with Larry except for the hospital reporting illegals since it's not a doctor or hospital administrator's job to do that. Foreign countries haven't deported me when I was sick/injured abroad and treated me as their own.

And teamster is right. Unions are seen negatively a lot (omg socialism!!!) but they have their good and bad things. Heck, look at Seattle who lost a Boeing plant to South Carolina because it's cheaper and the union is too demanding. But in other places, unions are needed of course.

Also the public option will be a no. I didn't like a lot of things in the bill such as it being mandatory, where's the freedom in that? I'm also not lenient towards publicly funded abortions which I think people should pay out of their pockets for their adventures.

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not anymore!

Some of you criticize gov't, dems, obama, and stuff but you somehow support palin because she tells "the truth". It's just ridiculous. I saw a debate between Max Baucus and John McCain (which John McCain was in his right spot and the right to get pissed off, he did well) had a little fight.

I'm tired of being partisan, lets just be bi... ;) hahahahahah

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