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June 22, 2009

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I went through the shopping experience... it is sterile, boring, and full of high-end stores in which no one (regular folks) can afford to shop.

Too many shops with Italian designer names... where is the ABC store?

And a really terrible display of plexiglass tubes of mini-water cyclones. Geez! Cheap gags at best. A disaster overall. Wal-Mart-Art at best.

This is a multibillion dollar wrong-way turn for Vegas designed by smug architects driving their BMWs, living in their mansions near Red Rock. ...Out of touch, balding, idiot megalomaniacs. More of the same, just like they fooled the board of directors who made the MGM theme park (remember that mess?")

Wow. Billions spent. But garbage design in... garbage out. I hope Mr. Baldwin follows Mr. Schaeffer. Show them the door.

This is the biggest disaster in the past 25 years for Vegas.

Disaster. Disaster. Disaster.

(Suggest removal) 12/18/09 at 1:13 a.m.

I asked one of the staffers if there were ANY REAL stores in CityCenter...

Sorry, I just can't afford shopping in a place where Prada and Tiffany are the lowest priced stores. This is an entire experience that 99.9% of people can not afford to shop at...nor care to. How many of these upper-end stores do we need in Vegas?

CityCenter has blown it...big time.

A 9 billion dollar glass and steel failure...just like the time they tried to make theme parks here.


(Suggest removal) 12/13/09 at 9:36 p.m.

Yep. Having sat in front of Anthony Marnell III (M Resort) and Glenn Schaeffer (former CFO Mandalay) and the Boyd Gaming executive is obvious that they have become pawns of the board of directors at their respective owners. That is: "let us be safe", "let us put in yet another Cirque du Soleil show"...or how about another comedian act. And as Boyd Gaming and CityCenter decided to put in sterile glass towers with no personality, designed by architects with their 50-something outfits of crew neck T-shirts and sports coats driving BMWs, proclaiming how "cool" their boring designs are...

Well Vegas CEOs: you did it. The latest MGM offering soon to open is BORING. The themes are gone. The fun is gone. Keep replacing pyramids with glass towers that all look alike. Put in another "oriental"-themed tower. Put in some more up-scale night club that looks like a dozen others. Compete with cookie-cutter venues until Vegas becomes *ahem* boring.

You forget what Wynn did. Wynn forgot what Wynn did.

Idiots. Fools. All of you CEOs with your NW Vegas addresses and huge houses near Red Rock. You are sterile, boring, uncreative fools who should have taken a few courses on how to use the right half of your brain...not just the left half that reports to ignorant public stock holders who forget what made Vegas different.

Can't wait for CityCenter to fail after about 18 months... due to boredom.

(Suggest removal) 9/30/09 at 6:55 p.m.

To "American Gaming Guru" i.e. "These operations would be great under Boyd Gaming control!"

Wrong. Boyd blew it with their internal conflicts and the all too incompetent John Lin, et al, who was running a sterile project of yet ANOTHER set of ugly glass towers trying to complete with the CityCenter towers, void of any personality except...hmmmm call me crazy...what made Vegas take-off in the late 80s and 90s by Wynn.

Vegas is now the victim of group think. Look at the problem Glenn Schaeffer just exited from...another glass tower project... that looks just the new glass towers going up around the city. Getting a theme here? I can repeat this as many times as needed to tell them to get rid of their crappy architects who drive their BMWs and dress in cool black business slacks sporting trimmed 50-something beards telling us how their architectural designs are so cool. Boring.

Boyd blew it with Echelon. Five stories out of the ground: rusting. At least RedRock, built by Station Casinos, is the best value around. And it has personality.

But Boyd did nothing but blow it with Echelon. Look at the brochure. It looked like everyone came out of Vogue Magazine. Where is the FUN in their planned casinos of late.

Me, I think all the untalented CEOs of Vegas need to figure out why Treasure Island, Luxor and the entire personality and reinvention of Vegas worked a decade ago. Even Excalibur, as cheap looking as it is, helped make Las Vegas an attraction, just like NYNY and the Venetian and Paris.

As far as I am concerned, they need a lot of new blood in the top offices there...maybe some new folks who won't put in yet another Cirque du Soleil show or some *yawn* Celine Dion or very bad Elton John show that was so, so disappointing.

New blood needed. New thinking needed. Bye Keith Smith of Boyd. Bye Glenn Schaeffer. You are *poof* gone.

Vegas needs to re-invent...and a hurry.

(Suggest removal) 6/22/09 at 7:15 p.m.

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