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April 29, 2009

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What blows my mind is the cost per seat... Since the article didn't mention any other costs other than remodeling to accommodate seats, I assume there aren't any more.

16 additional seats on 57 planes nets 912 additional seats @ a cost of $50M or just under $55,000 per seat.

Sounds like a lot of money, right? If they fly those planes 320 days a year (assuming 40 days for maintenance and other downtime)it comes to about $170 per day per seat. If each plane makes a minimum of 4 flights per day, the cost is about $42 per flight.

All of sudden, $50M has been reduced to $42 per seat per flight for each additional seat.

Only thing that all of this says to me is that they better keep em full and better keep em flying...

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Of course every large city is dangerous, but there should be areas where crime is virtually eliminated because it is a mecca for tourists.

No one expects crime to be totally eradicated in LV, however, this kind of thing should not happen on the Strip which is the bread and butter for all of Las Vegas.

Your politicians and your business owners ought to demand that. You can't do anything about the economy but you darn sure can insure the safety of your tourists. Crackdown, increased police presence whatever... Move the crime somewhere else but for the economic good of Las Vegas, get it off the strip.

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Security is not a top priority of casinos in difficult economic times. Their security is, but not yours.

The Strip is a dangerous place to be between midnight and 6:00 AM. Heck, the Strip is dangerous all the time. Recent incidents include shootings outside Margaritaville,stabbing in Bally's lobby, murder outside Caesar's, murder in Trop parking lot,murder in hotel room at Mandalay Bay, shootings at New York New York, incidents at Hard Rock... It just goes on and on.

Don't think the Public doesn't take notice. The sleaze, the crack whores (as distinguished from working girls),the violence,pan handlers and beggars, the corporate hustle its all leading America's favorite vacation spot to ruin.

We may not be able to do much about the economy but we darn sure can clean up the Strip. There's a lot of irony to me when you have multibillion dollar investments that front on a Strip that is a haven for crime. The streets, theoretically, belong to the people. Why aren't they cleaned up?

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Let me see if I have this straight...

We are going to borrow money from China to finance roads in America so that the Chinese can transport their goods through Mexico to American markets.

Why don't the Chinese pay for the roads?

Better yet why don't we just tell the Chinese to keep their goods in China, we can leave our roads alone and instead of paying additional taxes we can spend more, buy American and put some people back to work.

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I guess if you are playing for $100,000 minimum per hand, a $250,000 fine isn't really that big on a relative basis.

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