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Nov. 2, 2009

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Yes, there is not enough staff at Chancellor. Further, there is such a large turn-over that training is useless. While assisted living staffing is a very difficult job, especially since there are very few experienced enough to hire the right people, theft is what happens when these low-wage earners are hired. They make a killing and then either don't show up for work or get fired. Then it seems routine that the thefts are never solved. It's a never ending circus and I don't see the State or anyone else solving these issues.(Been there. . . )

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It appears that Vaughan Pulsipher either doesn't remember or is not so sharp about lots of things having to do with Chancellor Gardens and Anna's Garden. I believe the reporter.

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My query is with the comment from one of the owners: "Chancellor Gardens is owned by Utah-based Senior Management Concepts. One of the owners, Vaughn Pulsipher, "I understand the extent of the problems," Pulsipher said. "That's why we've marshaled all our resources and our corporate team to solve the problem." "The problems at Chancellor Gardens came as a surprise, he said. "it's unacceptable that patients did not receive their medications."

Well maybe he needs to take his job more seriously. Surprised my foot! How is this thinking possible since this facility has had numerous changes and charges over the years while my mother has been there. One thing that upset me was that at holiday time, when the dining room employees go on break to have dinner with family, the residents were handed paper-bags with a bologna sandwich on white bread, an apple and chips for dinner. That's it! And my mother is paying more than $4,000 per month. I visited this November and arrived just as she was being fed dinner. The attendant was sitting next to mom as she fed herself with her fingers! I sat in and started feeding her with a fork. She was starving. She was still eating when everyone else had finished, and she was wearing someone else's clothes!

This place leaves alot of room for complaints. However, as I had written earlier, we visited many such elder residential facilities. Chancellor Gardens was the nicest and cleanest of all of them. That's why we choose it in 2004. Since then, there have been so many changes that it is difficult to comprehend that they haven't gotten it right yet! Hang in there Chancellor. And Vaughan Pulsipher, you have a lot of nerve saying that all this comes as a surprise. It's not just the medications!

And I'm not so sure that the State of Nevada will do any better.

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My mother has been at Chancellor Gardens and in Sara's Garden since 2004. She is 92. She became very lonely after Dad passed and was having lots of problems with daily life, including wandering and rapidly deteriorating memory. After much research we found Chancellor Gardens.
We found it to be the neatest & cleanest of all the facilities of it's kind in Las Vegas so we moved her in. Mom liked it's large apartments very much and brought her own furniture. She received good daily meals and care, had her nails and hair done on-site often and made many friends.
Within a couple of years things changed drastically. All her jewelry disappeared, the towels and bed linens that she brought disappeared. Often the staff was replaced so no one was accountable for the missing items and nothing was done about them. Complaints went checked.
Within the years since, the staff has changed so many times that the only person I recognize anymore is the hairdresser and an occasional assistant. Of course, Mom doesn't recognize me anymore either, and so, I don't visit as often as I did. But after reading this article I will be visiting again. I don't think the best thing for mom is to move her to another facility at this time of her life. I know that there are not many choices and I am not able to manage my mother with stage 4 dementia. I'm just not sure what to do. I will check with the committee in my head and report back.

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