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Jan. 17, 2008

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MSM is at fault as well as the rest of Obama cronies who don't allow anyone to ask anything other than fluff questions. If they wanted Obama to win then they should of had him on a few more shows like the Univision interviews those are the only reporters that ask any tough questions and now the wife of the head of the station has been appointed to a cabinet position at the White House imagine that "don't be cruel don't ask tough questions and we will reward you" this is exactly what it sounds like. The MSM never interviews with hard questions they give him fluff in point the View, come on Barbara Walters who USE to be one of the best interviewers with tough questions never ask anything of Obama. Some out there are saying why didn't Obama mention the 47% well I think it is because he has never had to think for himself everyone has done it for him and he IMO probably thought that good ole Jim would ask Romney about it so Obama could pounce and Jim didn't ask. I think that Romney held back on alot as well but he was prepared to comeback with anything that Obama threw at him. YEAH!!!!!!

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You mean like George Soros with lots of money who buys the political democrats in DC?

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So it's OK to put out a bounty on someones head as in the case of the Black Panthers putting one out on Zimmerman and the DOJ, cops do nothing but to pay someone to kill his wife is against the law.

I agree the guy who paid to have his wife killed should go to jail for life if not the cop someone would have taken him up on it people are desperate and $2000 looks good to a desperate person, but what the Black Panthers did and are still doing is equally against the law someone will take them up on their bounty and last I checked you are proven innocent until proven guilty. One wrong does not make a right and both of these instances are dead wrong. Where is the outrage with the bounty on Zimmerman, I don't know if he did it but let justice take its course as in this case where this man paid a cop to kill his wife but this case to me looks cut and dry but again let justice take its course.

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Sounds to me as if Nevada Power just wants to cut employees since these smart meters don't require meter readers maybe someone needs to tell Nevada Power that we need jobs here and you can't tell us that you have no money to pay them.

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Sounds like this was no different than the Democratic caucus 2008. It was reported some of the caucuses goers were cohersed into voting Obama and the chaos that was in the rooms and for those of you who don't remember just don't want to remember. So don't just say it is how the GOP runs things the Dems are no different in this respect.

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