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Oct. 8, 2012

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You're all being "too extreme". Perhaps if you pulled your heads out of your rear ends, then you might realize that Joe Heck is a son, husband, and father who cares about the women in his life and his district very much. Tax Man Johnny is getting desperate!

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The only thing more extreme than Dr. Joe Heck's position on not wanting to MANDATE insurance companies to provide the HPV vaccine, is John Oceguera's record of not putting Nevadan's first during his tenure as Nevada State Assemblyman. While the Assemblyman claims to be the champion of anything and everything holy to the modern day liberal, John Oceguera has actually voted to cut education spending, he voted to raise taxes on middle income families & small business owners, and he collected 2 tax payer funded pay checks while in Carson City.
Who is really too extreme?

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