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Sept. 15, 2010

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All Angle talks about is how bad Reid is, and the terrible things he has done to Nevada. What about her record. She has not said one thing that she has done. What has she done for the state of Nevada?
She has made a lot of statements of what she would do if elected. She would be one voice out of 100. Her agendas will go nowhere.
I for one would rather have representation that will be heard. Rather than having the living embodiment of the crazy relative that everyone ignores.

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I can go one better. Lets have Sharon Angle & Christine O'Donnell on Bill Mahar. Then we will see who the craziest really is.

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Ok, lets make this easy. Sharon Angle served in the Nevada state assembly for 6 years. In that time, name ONE good thing she did for Nevada?

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Tell me how can you be an effective legislator, when you vote NO on everything. I mean there was nothing that she agreed on? Why not? It sounds like a spoiled child not getting her way, so she votes No just to be contrary.
If she was so ineffective in the Nevada state government, how is she going to make a miraculous transformation into a Federal legislator that will guide this country to recovery.
I am not saying that Reid has the answers, but considering the alternative........besides everyone seems to forget that Harry Reid was at the wheel (so to speak) when Las Vegas was experiencing it's boom of growth and prosperity.

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As my user name suggests, I just moved to Las Vegas. So I am not informed a lot about either candidate. I have been watching and listening to all the adds, and I have a couple of questions.

1. What positive thing has Sharron Angle done for the state of Nevada?
I see Angle saying what bad things that have gone wrong that Reid is responsible for. I see Reid repeating the things Angle has said & things he has done to try to make things better. If she has done something for the state, she is not talking about it.

2. Angle states it is not her job to create jobs, but then turns around and blasts Reid for the high unemployment. He says,he helped to save jobs at City Center. At least he is trying to make a difference.

3. I have never heard of a politician that doesn't foam at the mouth at the chance of speaking to the media. (especially on a one on one basis)

4. As for the "debate" on the 23rd. my guess is Reid will be in Washington, doing what he was elected to do.....his job

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