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Jan. 17, 2009

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first i know juan better than his own family so dont talk about things you dont know you might have been someone to say hello to but you dont know him deep down> im not saying that they dont deserve to be where they are cause they do and they deserve everyhting they get but i want to hear juans story what could make him angry. im saying dont look one way and not another you dont believe what they say cause of wht they did would you believe him if he didnt do it.everyone always believes a teacher over a studnt i ve been there plenty of times and if it happened to you you would understand where im coming from teachers are not above us all they make mistakes and do horrible things too >>>>>> we'll see whathappens

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i am a good friend of both of them and i have looked in there eyes and they are not empty i seen teens that are confused and had a hard life and need to be helped so for everyone to lie and say the teacher was hepling him come on thats sounds funny that teacher has no right to be hanging out with his studnts out of school

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