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February 23, 2017

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Dec. 23, 2009

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As someone who works in medical office, I will attest to patients' resistance to UMC. No one wants to go there: they go because of insurance issues or because of a particular doctor. That is a comment about the management of UMC: even when people are dying they would rather not go!
The fiasco of trying to register patients can only leave one praying that the level of care for a patient is better than the paperwork.
Also, Dr Spirtos and Dr Thornton may be the first physicians speaking out about abominable practices at UMC, and they will take the flak, but that doesn't mean that they are malcontents.
In fact, Kathy Silver responding with personal attacks on prominent physicians is laughable: when someone points out the glaring inadequacies of your administration, don't call them names, this is not kindergarten. Tell us why your management style loses the facility millions of dollars per year, and now is losing the physicians who bring in millions of dollars a year! People in Nevada need medical care and doctors like Spirtos and Thornton who provide it!

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