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June 29, 2011

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The Mitchell's would like to say they were trying not to get involved and just wanted to be left alone. The police reports which were released say they were arming themselves and wearing helmets, tactical vests and loading guns. I am sure police will have pictures of how the Mitchell's looked once they were arrested. They are looking for a payday off our tax dollars that is it. I really don't see our local police storming into homes like to Mitchell's say or we'd hear about this kind of thing more often.

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What an outrage. I put an energy efficient motor on my pool and bought those stupid low energy lights. All costs out of my pocket to lower my Nevada Power bill only to be told, pay me by Nevada Power. Correct me if I am wrong but they are still making a profit, right?

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The problem is the society we live, people not taking responsibility for their actions.

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I think I must have missed something. You people are upset that a police officer protected a homeless man who was shot by an armed criminal? It is sad the guy died but why was a man shot in the hand? Misunderstanding... You people are worried about police shooting criminals. You should be more worried about the armed criminals who are out there. I for one say thank you to the officers risking their lives to protect us while we are safe and sound in our houses criticizing them from behind the safety of our computers.

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