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February 24, 2017

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July 7, 2012

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Hey, whatever your name is, what kind of blogger are you? Bloggers are supposed to be more daring than paid journalists, yet here you go spewing the UFC's company line.
I spent 54 bucks on a lackluster pay per view card to watch guys being afraid to get hit unti thel Tito-Forrest fight. And, insult to injury, I watch "The Greatest Fighter Ever" grab and hold onto Chael Sonnen's trunks until he was out of trouble and nobody mentions it.
WTF. I can't possibly be the only person in America who saw that. In any other sport it would have been an immediate DQ, so how come it's fine with Dana White and the always inadequate UFC judges? This sport is becoming a goddamn joke. Anderson clearly cheated. Did it affect the outcome? I say probably.

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