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July 7, 2011

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the State can only be the "victim" when it concerns battery when domestic violence is involved. This law was written due to the deep emotional feelings that can happen with domestic violence. Many victims do not want to press charges because its a husband or wife. Apparently this professor is teaching college students incorrectly. If my neighbors car is broken into am I a victim?? of course not, its not my property. So what makes this different with battery with people that do not have a domestic relationship. And it is Metro's Policy that misdemeanors not committed in the officers presence can not be taken to jail. A citation is issued and a court date given. This has been their policy for many years. Do I as a tax payer want to pay for every person that is taken to jail for throwing a punch in Las Vegas? heck no, I want the jail to have plenty of room for felons, not people that had too much to drink and punched someone. Coolican, usually I enjoy your articles, but you lost the mark on this one badly.

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since when is driving a constitutional right? its a privilege. i agree that cops should obey our constitutional rights, but the high court of the land has deemed that dui checkpoints are constitutional. so i dont see how they cops are taking away your rights with checkpoints...

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what poll says that people are more scared of metro compared to criminals?? the poll you made up in your head?? and for all the people that whine about the Sheriff, you are the people that elected him only have yourselves to blame...or maybe some of you couldnt vote because you are felons hating on metro..not you bchap since you were a corrections officer back in the day in prolly some small town with a population of 10 people...

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people keep complaining about the inquest process...from what i know it is the most indepth process of releasing facts about officer involved you people want what LA does?? after a shooting the DA comes out and does an investigation...if he/she deems it was justified there is no public forum for review and the officers are back on the street within about a week...lets just switch it to this process so no one can complain anymore...

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@ crimcops,
Whenever swat is called to a residence they get a warrant before they enter. the reason for this is due to the time it takes them to respond, they lose the "hot pursuit/exigent circumstances." this is pretty standard across the law enforement community.

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