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February 22, 2017

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Jan. 15, 2008

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Interesting, Giuliani got 3% in Michigan and feels he did very well. Dennis Kucinich got 4% in Michigan yet various media sources have decided that he's so insignificant that we don't need to hear his message. In fact, he and anyone who might like to hear what he has to say are held in such disregard by those media sources that they change the rules to exclude him even when he's met the requirements for qualification. The previous debate from which Congressman Kuicnich was excluded was in Iowa and the rules were set by the local newspaper. Again, at the last minute, he was told he didn't qualify, that time because his permanent campaign office was located in a home rather than in a rented commercial space. That it had to be a commercial space hadn't been specified in the rules.

My number one national issue has become control of the media. As a Democracy we must have access to divergent opinions and accurate information. We've seen where we can be led under the current arrangement of media conglomerates. How can we make the right decisions on issues of war, the economy, healthcare, immigration, the environment, etc. if we aren't getting all the honest information we need? I'm asking all candidates I meet what they plan to do regarding net-neutrality, the FCC and media monopolies.

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