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April 30, 2009

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Again, it's simple. If you can't afford it, you either increase revenue or cut spending. It's usually prudent to do a little of both, since cutting services will inspire the same revolt that raising taxes does. This isn't easy no matter how you look at it and regardless of the choice, you're going to make people unhappy. His problem isn't that he did one or the other, it is his constant return to the "no taxes" easy button that makes him look juvenile. The Governor stamps his foot and spews empty platitudes. Neat.

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I wonder if the free pubs bill was trying to target folks taking all free pubs at particular locations. If one company is in competition with another, that might be a good way to keep them from being noticed. I don't really have a dog in that fight, but I think it was poorly written, as many bills tend to be.

I'm firmly against the 'no new taxes' or 'don't cut my programs' pledges of anyone in any party. Whenever you deal in absolutes, you aren't thinking reasonably. What would have been fiscally conservative is for the Governor to recommend that programs were cut because the money wasn't there. Yes, it sucks to recommend that thousands lose their jobs as their programs are cut, but it is the only way to be fair to the process and the people.


You raise income to pay for the programs that you believe you cannot cut.

Anything else is hypocrisy and politically motivated.

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I'm sure he's heard the responses from employees that this amounts to an extreme tax on State workers. I wonder why the he, their primary representative, doesn't care?

If you can't afford the programs, get rid of them and layoff the employees that work in them. If you want to levy taxes on groups, do it universally to all Nevadans through sales taxes. Couldn't you generate far more income that way, since the amount is spread equally among all Nevadans and visitors as well?

His approach is purely political.

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