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February 25, 2017

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July 30, 2010

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Now Angle and Palin both are saying it is "irresponsible" to criticize their inflammatory speach. Really. Apparently they are the victims in this trajedy. Really. What most are saying is that while not directly responsible for the shooting their inflamed violent rhetoric and in Angles case an actual call to arms should not have any place in our politics. But no one should criticize them. That would be irresponsible. Really.

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Angle has been saying for years what she wants to do. Privatize and deregulate everything. SS, Medicare, DOE (which by the way keeps track of our nukes), Education, any and all social safety nets, gone. Interesting, corporate welfare is never a problem for these people. Now she denies all. When facing video Angle says "I didn't say that and accuses people of smearing her with her own words. She wont even tell the local press what she wants to do until "after she is elected". You might not like Harry, but Angle is a disaster.

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Hey you anti solar people, in another age you would have been anti electricity.

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Tell all my neighbors up here in northern Nevada that are living off the grid that renewables aren't viable. As the technology improves the cost will go down. We can do this people. The railroads, the national highway system, electricity transmission, telephone, etc. etc. All of these advancements were made possible with government help. We need the national will to develop and build the infrastructure.

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It is a matter of common sense. It is sunny and windy in much of Nevada just about every day . The whole state could be run on renewable energy. How is that a bad thing? We subsidize the oil companies with hundreds of billions of dollars and you are complaining about $1.9 billion in subsidies for renewables? Are you kidding me? People have become so entrenched that they seem to oppose good things just BECAUSE it might be good for the environment. Sharon Angle wants to build coal fired plants and reprocess nuclear waste with technology that doesn't exist. I'm rooting for Harry Reid and renewables.

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