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Dec. 3, 2008

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Once again, why does the director of prisons think that he or his department is above making the same sacrifice that the rest of the state employees must make. What this so called director must do, is resign, and they need to get someone in that position that knows how to run a prison system. Lets see, becuase of his lack of leadership, yesterday, the state was forced to pay out to the ACLU over $325K in a settlement for conditions at the Ely prison. He states that assualts have increased 100% at the Carson City prison....simple solution to this problem....LOCK THE PRISON DOWN....don't allow the inmates out of their cells, with the exception of a shower once a week and a look at the sun for an hour a month. They are in prison, stop giving them so many perks.
It will be so nice when Gibby the Clown is gone and a new (worthless) Gov is in Carson and he fires this worthless director.

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Can someone please explain this to me....How, can one person, aka Sharron, go to Washington DC and do any of these things that she has promised?? If elected to the Senate, she would be one of 100 people (Senators)...I ask, in all honesty, even if it is not Sharron, but another GOPer who beats do they expect to change Washington DC?? They CAN'T.....

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Wake up...what are you planning on doing when FY 2011/2012 rolls around in less then 5 months?? Are you going to do ANYTHING....or will we see once again a WASTE of time with the hundereds of bills being introduced to "make our life better?" Instead, why not devote the whole 120 days that we are paying you for, and do NOTHING but rework State Goverment. Don't introduce stupid bills that DO NOTHING for the State. Case in point, in case you don't know what I'm refering to...The bill that was introduced last session calling for a "Steve Fossett Day" The only thing that Steve is known for is crashing his plane and costing the State MILLIONS in search and rescue cost. Something that would not have been affored to someone like me, or any one else that did not have millions of dollars. So, like I said, do the State of Nevada proud and FIX the problem.
If you don't have an idea of how to do it, then DON'T run for office. Don't keep repeating the same mantra we hear now...."No New Taxes" "No Nothing" ...
In order to fix the problem, you must have the courage to do the unpopular, and each and everyone that makes up the "Gang of 63" has to have the same committment, to make the State of Nevada a good place once again.
If you are already in office, and you don't think that you are up to the chalange...step down. The filing period is coming up March 1st, 2010. If you step down, someone who can make a change can step up...
So, to recap, we the people of the State of Nevada want the Governor and the Gang of 63 to.... WORK TOGETHER...Fix the artery before we bleed out and collapse on the floor....

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@Tonja....keep your NDOC rants in the Carson paper....guilty is with it.

@ecm - Even now the Gov is not working with anyone on the mess this State is in. It is not just "his way" or the Legislatures "way".

To The Elected Officials of the State Of Nevada...
This is your mess, it was created while you were in office. It does not matter if you were just elected, or have been serving for the is your job to fix it. The fact that you still have to rely on a group of people (the Economic Forum) who have been wrong in their "forcast" for the at least the last three meetings is the first thing that you need to fix. NO ONE has the magic ball that they can look into and tell what is going to happen 2 months, 2 years, or even 2 days from now. To have to rely on this to make a budget is crazy. You might as well go ask a 4th grader what they think, you will probably get a better answer.
When you go back to Carson City, don't go in with your typical bandaid approach that seems so typical in the State....don't fix the might cost me the next election. I have lived in this State coming up on 35 years. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, to take a movie title from Clint Eastwood. Right now, what this State is facing is worse then the bad and the is the complete and total collapse of this State.
We are already at the bottom of every list that is out there - that is common knowledge - what will happpen when eduaction is strangled to the point that the kids in this State have no schools to go to, or the schools that they do go to are so overcrowded, that they are just there and what teachers are left in this State are just over paid babysitters??
What happens to Senior Care?? What happens to Law Enforcement, or do we revert to what @BarryS refered to in his post...we go back to the 1800's??
It is time for each of you as an elected official to do more then just place a bandaid over the is time for a major restructing of everything that this State does. From the tax base, which as @Teaser states so well, "In all of the years he has been governor, how many new industries/revenue sources has he actually brought into this state?" Everyone says we need to diversify our economy....diversify....diversify.... How is that going??? Honestly, the last diversification that I can remember is the male prostidude at the Shady Lady....

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(If state workers did have a contract, the Legislature would almost certainly not have been able to institute the furloughs it approved last year, which cut salaries by 4.6 percent and saved $333 million over two years.)

While the figure above is correct, and that was what it was suppossed to save the State, becuase of some Agencies complaining that it was not fair, or they just could not do it, The Gov, Att. Gen, and Sec of State (The Board of Examiners) gave exemptions to certain agencies.
One in particuliar is Nevada Dept of Corrections. This cost the State of 3/4 of the amount of money they "put away" to cover true emergencies.
Why allow the biggest Agency in the State to get away with this, when all other State workers have to take the furlough? If the Dept of Corrections is to retarded to figure out how to do a furlough and pay its fair share, then the State should have just cut DNOC workers 4.6%....

Fair is Fair!!

VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS in the next election cycle

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