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February 24, 2017

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April 6, 2009

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It all comes down to the same thing - inadeguate facilities. That's why we don't have MLS, why we don't have the NBA or NHL, and why the 51s are always last choice when MLB teams pick affiliates. The facilities are deplorable. When the economy was booming, the city was content to sit back and do nothing, allowing UNLV and Strip hotels to provide any venues for events. None of them are suitable for professional sports, and now the city is paying the price for the lack of vision and years of inaction.

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For a city this size, Las Vegas offers precious little to the mentally ill. Most local hospitals figured out long ago that medical beds pay much more than mental health beds (more of the mentally ill are uninsured), and all but one have completely eliminated their mental health units. The one hospital program remaining takes only the elderly, which means Medicare dollars. The end result is that local emergency rooms have become de facto mental health crisis units where patients wait, sometimes for days, for a proper mental health bed to open up in one of the few existing facilities. This is not a good situation for the patients or the hospitals.

This is an issue that this city, and this state, have procrastinated on addressing for far too long. This isn't the total solution, but any positve action is welcome.

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I wonder how many of the people who want to keep the team downtown actually go to games. The condition of the stadium, and its location in a dangerous neighborhood adjacent to the largest homeless encampment in town does nothing to enhance the game day atmosphere.

Cashman Field is beyond help. It is the worst facility in the Pacific Coast League, and renovations will not fix what is wrong with it. It is the main reason that Las Vegas is last choice whenever MLB teams pick AAA affiliates. Time to move on.

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I have some experience dealing with the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. The word "joke" isn't a strong enough description. They protect doctors, period. I believe that the only reason that Dr. Dipak Desai doesn't still have his medical license is all the media publicity surrounding the case. Without it, the BME would still be "waiting for all the facts to come out", and Desai would still be endangering patients in the name of squeezing every possible dime out of his practice.

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For anyone who believes that Cashman Field is adequate for anything other than total demolition, I invite you to visit any of the AAA ballparks opened in the past 10-15 years. Oklahoma City opened a new ballpark the year before I moved here from OKC, and it transformed the franchise.

Cashman has one clubhouse that is too small for one team, and two are sharing it. Batting cages in the parking lot? That wouldn't be acceptable in a rookie league park. As far as public costs, part of that could be recovered through naming rights and other sponsorship deals. All I can say is, it's long overdue. Maybe now Las Vegas won't be last choice when MLB teams are choosing AAA affiliates.

One more thing: Name change. Please. Nobody here identifies with Area 51, it has never made sense, and it has to go.

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