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February 22, 2017

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Nov. 18, 2011

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saw old man at target. Very nice guy he was with his wife and they were buying gifts for the family. a whole cart full!! He got 2 slices of pizza at the cafe there. shows you how normal they all are and not all special. love em all.

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i have seen the doormen only let you in if you tip 50 cash sometimes 100.
really bad.

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How much profit did they make?
Going up 10-20% may not instantly be a big deal unless we know the total amount. It's like the housing prices going up 10%, they are still down. Overall gaming is starting to come back as well as everything else because people are living frugal and cutting back while still having a good time. Also anytime I need a cocktail I will sit at a slot and put 5$ in and slow play, usually at least get enough to cover the 2 buck tip. Took forever to get a drink at Cosmo. But it was a really good martini. I also use this time to light a cigar and relax my legs and have conversation with my wife or others.
Slots are a great time waster compared to Blackjack or roulette. $20 in video poker or caveman keno lasts a long time and you look busy and get comps as well. See how long you last at BJ or Pai-Gow. Slots are Las Vegas's best deal in terms of entertainment and comp value this trend is not good for the other games that make more money.

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Funny story, we were on our way back from superbowl XLIII pitts vs cards and left during half time to get back home to CA and were listening to it on the radio and wanted to get to a tv asap. were stopped in Baker and went into bobs big boy, some random hotel, and the Arco.
It was like the Superbowl did not exist that day. Very Strange. Love the Alien Jerky Place.

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Nevada would need to change the constitution and spend god knows how much money, time and effort. For what more gambling-Little revenue. also this is a way for people under 21 to gamble. Would not want my kids to start gaming at 18-19 years old and end up addicted in Vegas. Spend the time, effort and money on cleaning up the strip get rid of the pan handling the loitering and the trash oh don't forget the card slappers.

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