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Jan. 14, 2008

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Obama doesn't care about women and children. Check his voting record. He voted against the Head Start program. He voted against getting more help to pregnant women, mothers and kids programs on the same day that he voted to give a million dollars to preserve woodstock. He voted against healthcare that would have covered all children in the United States and he voted against health insurance for kids whose parents draw Social Security.

When asked why he doesn't salute the american flag....he response was that he does salute it.... sometimes. He voted against the Desecration of the American Flag Act, stating that to burn our flag was just a "freedom of expression'.

Check his voting record. He votes less than 25% of the time, but when it comes to women and children he almost always casts a "Nay" vote. Again check his voting record.

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For Obama's voting record go to You will see that he seldom voted. I just checked the last 100 chances he had to vote and he failed to cast a vote 75 times. When he did vote, he voted against Head Start funding, health insurance for children of Social Security benefits. He also voted against health care for all children in the U.S. He voted against funding for additional care of pregnant women and infanst....instead he chose to give that million dollars to preserve Woodstock. He voted "Nay" to the bill requiring inspection of vehicles coming across our borders. But what a guy......he voted "Yea" to a study that would cause an investigation into criminal prosecutions. This guy is not for change....he is a closet republican. He obviously doesn't care for the children of our nation.

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Not sure who you are, since your name doesn't show, but you should reread his book...... and recheck his record...

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Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is running for president. I have read his book "Dreams of My Father". This is a book written by Obama. In this book he gives us insight into his life so far.
In "Dreams of My Father", Barack Obama says his biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was raised as a Muslim but lived as an Aetheist. Obama goes on to say that his mother and father divorced when he was two and his mother married his stepfather, Lolo Sotero. Both his mother and stepfather then became students in the Muslim East-West Center. At age 10, Obama was sent to live with his grandparents.
In his book Obama goes on to say that in college he "lived a party lifestyle of drugs and alcohol." He states that he used "pot, alcohol and cocaine" to get through his difficult life.
In 1993, at age 32, Barack Hussein Obama became a Christian.
What a load of crap !!!!!!!!!
This man was raised as a Muslim during his formidable years. Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.....he only joined a Christian church when he decided to go into politics and after the first US war in Iraq. He didn't want to be associated with Iraq's Sadaam Hussein, so poof ....all of a sudden he is a Christian.
Barack Obama voted against the Flag Desecration Act. He stated that this Act was a "violation of freedom of expression". Obama states that the email going around showing him not saluting the American Flag is not factual....he says that he does salute the American Flag ....sometimes. Just what we need...a president who doesn't think it is important to salute the flag of the country he governs. I am sure that all of our veterans who have fought for this flag will understand that one.
The National Rifle Association calls Obama "a true enemy of gun owners' rights". Obama is also against the death penalty. He states that it is not fair for someone who kills during a botched robbery should get the same death sentence as someone who kills with premeditation. Guess he thinks the person killed in a botched robbery isn't as dead.
Let's face it.....we cannot afford to have another Republican president ....and we sure as hell can't afford a president who does not respect us enough to salute our flag.........
So.....the way I see it,the only choice we have is Hillary Clinton. We don't have to like her to know that she will always support our flag. And she is not a johnny come lately for healthcare. She has always supported national healthcare.....this is healthcare for everyone in the United States. And we all know that thanks to her husband and his enemies, Hillary has no secrets. We know everything about her.
In California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon, we can make a difference to the entire country. We have enough electoral votes to remind the country that we are here and we are a power to be reckoned with. It is time everyone stood up and took notice of what we have to offer.
I urge you to Vote Hillary Clinton for President.

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