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February 25, 2017

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Jan. 21, 2009

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I'm considered a high roller and receive comps from most of the major strip hotels. Smoking makes me tired and quite ill which means I usually don't stay long in any one casino. If they knew I do most my playing in states between two countries where it is banned perhaps they would look for ways to accommodate people like me. I'm sure the casinos wouldn't be receptive to changing their policies at this time because of fear of losing more clientele in this economic climate; however, it appears that banning smoking has little long term effect on profits after the initial resistance. Gamblers will gamble and Vegas will remain the top draw in North America. The initial reaction will be for smokers to seek out places where it's not banned which is why for it to work it has to be at least statewide. I don't think this will ever happen without government intervention for health reasons because the overseas high rollers are the source of a significant amount of profit. As far as foreign nationals go I may be in the minority.

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