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Dec. 27, 2009

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I usually do not commit on basketball, but this specific issue is a must!!!

Two (2) years ago there was a local recruit from Sierra Vista (Viko Noma'aea) that was the PERFECT fit for coach Rice's program & they let him go. Now he is with Utah State coming back from his Mormon mission. The coaches their signed him on watching "film." Mark my words & by God's grace & direction, he will be a HUGE headache for UNLV because now they are in the Mountain West. Viko is not only an extremely hard worker with outstanding ethics - attitude inherited from his parents (Ohana), but his natural ability go far and beyond.

Furthermore if Viko is at the top of his game & he has the players surrounding him, it will be a long.......night for all opposing teams.

Most importantly, we sometimes FORGET who gives us the ability to take another breath of life everyday & have the skills to compete at the top level, which is our Lord Jesus Christ. So at the end of the day, it is all because of Him.

God Bless

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Aloha tuasdad (Paul Seven),

You're posting all the comments (LOL) & nothing for the common man!!!

Regardless, comments are entertaining & educational most of the times, not all.

Anyways & before anything else, please give Ohana our Love & Blessings!!!

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Mr or Mrs or Miss vegaslee,

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but at the end of day, we'll confirm if Zappo's / Downtown Project is to succeed.

Personally, it's a great concept & "yes" I've been to a couple of meetings. One (1) word, UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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All that talent, but WASTED without a legitimate "POINT GUARD".

This year especially, UNLV & COACHES were way OVERRATED to say the least. Didn't utilize Bennett's skills at his full potential. Guess what? It won't surprise me if he goes in the top three (3) concerning NBA DRAFT.

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Aloha Bryce,

God Bless you & "ANY" donation is great.

Regarding wharfrat's comment, did he or she donate anything??? After reading comment, I'm assuming it's coming from a FEMALE.

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