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February 20, 2017

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Feb. 16, 2009

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Saying the Republicans are out of touch with American is putting it mildly. The Republican credo is about catering to the rich and powerful while the rest can of us can get the trickle down. They are the representatives of those to whom government is simply an impediment to their lifestyle and who want to manipulate the many for their own benefit. Obama was a long time coming, but he may be just in time to save us from the greed and corruption of the few.

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I find pedophilia offensive, and it certainly should be criminal in real life because of the harm it does to children, but the fact that the FBI is investigating it in a virtual world is very disturbing because it sounds like the thought police. A computer generated image has no age except the imagined age of the beholder. Are people going to be arrested for what's in their imagination now?

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