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April 16, 2009

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Education is the foundation for success in life, physically, mentally, emotionally and intuitively.

Glad to know that there is still some education in NDOC.

But, nearly 1/4 of the 12,822 in NV prisons(26 Jan 2012) are in close or maximum custody... isolation.

That's app. 3200 individuals who are not getting education, but inhumane lockdown treatment, for years on end. Will those in this situation ever recover to become educated, productive members of our society? Chances are, no, they won't be able to because of the damage that isolation causes to human beings.

The recent suicides in isolation would not have happened in NDOC if officials would curtail this terrible policy and give every prisoner something worthwhile to study, to do.

The 300 lucky ones in school in High Desert are the tiny minority, hardly the norm, in NV prisons.

This is a public relations piece that makes the system look good, but it is far from that. It is encouraging that the Sun would write a piece like this, however, but, the true consequences of being without an education and in prison was not presented. A Nevada prison sentence can become a death sentence... more often and in more ways than there is time to discuss here.

Accreditation to minimum standards have not been adopted, nor recommended by NV legislators for NV prisons, nor by the NV Advisory Commission on the Admistration of Justice, as we have in public schools. This is the root of the NV prison problem. No agreement to operate under standards. Unthinkable. And apparently the governor wants it that way.

Legislators must fund standards for NV prisons, a lot less costly than the growing number of lawsuits against NDOC for their punishing mismanagement, policy and irresponsibility, including nontransparency to the public.

We must speak up for higher standards of operations, records' corrections for those inside, because of computer errors that I just read about this week. It's downright shameful that NDOC would keep such a secret since 2007,

These are errors that have resulted in prisoner death, per 1 lawsuit that I know of in the mill, errors that are keeping individuals inside NV longer than they should be because they add false charges to files. Imagine the consequences for prisoners and their families. Injustice gone on for years.

We must end the growing numbers inside NDOC in isolation... by speaking from the outside, for those who are unable to on the inside...

Barbed wire is, after all, very costly and very primitive.

And since over 90% of our prisoners will come out to be our neighbors, education is truly the best remedy and the best investment.

Thanks for your concern and your story, Las Vegas Sun.

(Suggest removal) 3/4/12 at 11:18 a.m.

P.S. I see that I missed the word thugs, that along with animals, scum of the earth, and stupid appear in this discussion. If you are prison employees who use these verbally abusive words, biased words, to describe the prison population that you work with daily, please change your vocabulary. Become professional. Earn our respect. Please become role models, instead of abusers and sadists, when you deal with all prisoners. Many are disabled. Please remember that. Thank you.

(Suggest removal) 9/20/11 at 8:13 p.m.

Gunning down an obviously distraught Gaspar Barajas-Rivas, or any person who is inside an electrified NV prison fence, is flat out primitive, atavistic, uncivilized, amoral, unthinking, cold-blooded, inhuman behavior.
NDOC shootings are unnecessary and unjustified, but they keep happening. Anybody know how many have happened in the last 10 years" or 30 years? No transparency with statistics like this in NDOC, that the probably do not even keep.
Why didn't the shooter call on his radio to get help for GBR? 10 to 1 odds that thinking, objective personnel could have talked to him, calmed him down and apprehended him. He didn't have far to run.
If the shooter had been thinking instead of creating an adrenalin rush that was creating drama, he could have been a hero instead of something far less. Was this a hate crime? Was it like shooting fish in a barrel, target practice? In this discussion some of you have called sex offenders animals, stupid, scum of the earth. Stop it. This language is abusive and irresponsible. 2500 NV prisoners are diagnosed with mental illness. Prison is no place to regain mental health, that's for sure.
Now, we will have to pay a fortune (a million dollars, plus, I would say) for GBR's future medical care, mental health and legal entanglements, which neither he, nor we citizens, needed.
Further, any judge who would give a 24 month to 240 month sentence to sex offenders needs to be put out of office. The longer the sentences the more chances he and other judges give for sex offenders to be discovered and beaten to a pulp, or stabbed by other prisoners, in this broken, uncertified to minimum standards Nevada prison system. This is anything but a department of corrections. This is a system of punishment to the max, to the very death for those who do not even have death sentences.
Now officials will put GBR in solitary confinement because he is openly identified as a sex offender in this newspaper, which cause him further angst. It is not new that sex offenders are being attacked and shot in NV prisons. NDOC denies programming and treatment to them, so the parole board cannot grant them parole, too. Some are being released without any sex offender treatment, as well. Yes, it's true. Call the parole board and ask them.
Nobody knows how many sex offenders the board has released who did not get treatment that are reoffending because the NDOC does not keep statistics, nor does the parole board. Does that make these administrators irresponsible? Yes. They are failing us where public safety is concerned.
More sex offender shootings will probably happen because there is little to no money to pay for the education for those who work with weapons in NV prisons. This is not right and definitely lacks foresight.
In closing, what if GBR were innocent? Maybe the shooter shot an innocent person? I would hate to have to think about that, if I were the person who gunned him down.

(Suggest removal) 9/20/11 at 7:58 p.m.

Two Illinois cronies in corrections with their fingers in the Ely State Prison health care scandal? Oh, yes, I forgot. This is a private club.

Corrections administrators policing corrections health policy? How is that objective and fair? Business as usual.

The federal judge and ACLU should have insisted on an outsider MD to monitor Ely prison health for 2 years. The NV AG's office found him? And nobody is crying foul?

We needed an MD unfamiliar with prisons and untouched with the bias against prisoners.

I just read the posted deficiencies in NV prison health surveys on the NV Healthcare Quality and Compliance Bureau on their website against 4 other NV prisons.

Chilling that such unmanaged, untrained activity goes on without public outcry.

Without proper health care, prisoners re-enter society upon parole bringing a whole host of their ailments, including infectious diseases, with them, courtesy of NDOC who keeps getting away with decades of prison health neglect.

(And I thought prison officials were supposed to protect the public.)

These can include infectious diseases not routinely tested for in NDOC, like HEP C. And the dental neglect in the SDCC deficiency report is nothing short of incredible.

Who will hire prisoners with rotting and missing teeth when they leave NV prisons? Further, their dental conditions can cause heart disease, strokes and early death.

Yes, we will keep on paying. For years NV has operated behind those concrete walls, with no ombudsmen, with little training for prison officers who are shooting without pause, and a great big Attorney General's office to defend the hundreds of lawsuits from every prison in the state, to the tune of millions of our tax dollars.

I wonder if AG lawyers brag about the paltry settlements they squeeze out of prisoners who have no representation? Do they love to intimidate them? It wouldn't surprise me.

Legislators, on the whole, seem to have no interest, common sense, or the decency to halt this ingrained corruption and slaughter of lives. Without their scrutiny, there is no hope for change.

"This is Nevada," as one legislator surprisingly chuckled to me about the serious health care situation of a friend inside a NV prison.

We, too, could one day be in the grips of this social grim reaper, without the precious healthcare that all Americans are supposed to be getting: whether we are in prison, or not.

(Suggest removal) 7/17/10 at 11:32 p.m.

MysterMr is correct.

And prisoners are people, just like you and me... maybe we didn't happen to get caught?

There are many innocent individuals in prison. Read the Time article about the Innocence Project and pray that you don't get entangled into the justice (is it really justice) system, especially in NV.

Wake up to reality. Any one of us, or our sons or daughters, could be at Ely suffering from the Draconian (that means harsh for those of you who don't know) nature of Nevada justice.

Go, ACLU! (ACLU should never have settled...)

Lorraine is a hero. Period.

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