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February 25, 2017

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Patricia Meisels
Dec. 7, 2012

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My family and I spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas this year, and one of the things we wanted to do was to go to the Pawn Shop. We were told ahead of time by some folks not to expect too much, and omg they were right. On the show the guys are ALWAYS LOW balling all of the merchandise, but while I was there I looked at everything that was there, or should I say available to look at, met one of the guys I think his name is Rocco, looked at a few pieces of jewelry. One of the pieces that I was interested in, I was told it was a Pave 14K white gold ring, they wanted almost a $1000 for it, but when I looked at the ticket on it, it said Sterling Silver...Rocco says that he cannot verify they are diamonds, took the ring and it did not come back out. Then another ring was just a gold band 10K, they wanted over $800 for it...This is 10K!! He tells me gold is over 1700.00 and I replied yes, but 24K pure gold, not 10K. Then there was a pair emerald earrings. The diamonds were beautiful but the emeralds were foggy and had scratches on them. I was also looking at a ring...The best deal they were give me was $900.

It was fun to go there, as I have watched this show for 3 years, but it was filthy, and they are soooooo taking advantage of the tourists...yea, they have the right to charge whatever they want, but we as the consumer have the right to walk out......Post script....I would not recommend going there, and if you do, keep your wallet and purse shut, The guys have made their millions so they do not go there anymore, This was not a good experience....Shame really....I loved that that I know what it really is...not interested in watching it.

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