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June 23, 2011

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When would NOW be the right time to do this RIGHT?!? I wish this bill were as great as they are trying to make us think it is. For 13 years we have been required to grow our own & learn a LOT. NOW our illustrious law makers want to FORCE all of us to buy from a dispensary. WHY do we have to go threw so much garbage to get something accomplished? WHY doesn't legislature pay closer attention to those who know about cannabis & have lived in other states with medical laws? WHY is Mark Hutchinson so against people growing their own? Don't Mark & Tick realize they are in office to service THE PEOPLE!!! not their own agendas & cronies. When this session started & I first read the DBR I thought "great they are finally going to do to the right thing", now it appears there may be some hanky pankie going on. Time for some phone calls & emails:
Segerblom, Tick

[email protected]

(Wk) 775-684-1422
(Leg Build) 775-684-1422
(Fax) 702-385-2909

Hutchison, Mark

[email protected]

(Wk) 702-233-2049
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1475
(Fax) 702-385-2086

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Ralston, WHAT does Cindy Lakes comment about Fluoride have to do with her ability to be chairperson? Have you actually READ the data on Fluoride? I have read a bunch & it IS REALLY bad for us! That's why I have a tabletop distiller.
The Republicans are NOT melting down, there are just a few big babies that took their toys (office equipment) & ran away. The Republicans who are running the CCRP will do a better job, just wait & see & "team Nevada" will soon be holding their heads in shame for running off like children!

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I was AT the county convention at the Orleans & Ron Paul's supporters were the overwhelming majority! I was quite surprised. For those of you have have never been to any of the party meetings you really don't understand the way things really work. You talk about wanting our country back to prosperity & building things here again yet anytime there is a vote for any sort of tax most of you say yes to them. No one will stick their necks out for any sort of positive change. The only way to fix our country is to STOP sending our money & jobs overseas. We need to protect AMERICANS FIRST!! Obama just promised "help" to Afghanistan, what do you think that really means? MORE of OUR hard earned money wasted on strangers!! It is TIME to STOP wasting money & lock up the purses!

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The Best candidate is Ron Paul, had Santorum & Newt dropped out a long time ago, you would have saw Ron Paul Win NV. & numerous other states! If Romney's people don't show up he doesn't win!

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@ wiseguy2235 you are very uninformed! check out & spend some time researching before you call MMJ patients losers & wanting to "relive the 60's. I for one was born in 61 so no re-living
@ Esquire, There were 4 bills in legislature that would have clarified the whole issue & John Ocegera quashed ALL of them.Amazing the power one little man has isn't it?
@ roseanrose You don't have to be OLD to be in chronic pain. Scoliosis, arthritis, stomach issues are not visible & have NO age requirement to acquire. There are a number of other issues that can be helped by using MMJ.
@ Brass You truly have no clue about the relief mmj can bring to people This statement is TOTALLY untrue "Unfortunately we all know the majority of users claiming to need medical marijuana are not legitimate patients with a verifiable diagnosis from a pain clinic, oncologist or other credentialed practitioner." The doctors here in NV are REAL doctors & ask for records if you don't have them you get a real exam & X-rays if needed. And for your information MMJ is WAY more costly then pain pills so WHY would someone ask for MMJ if they could get pain pills? I happen to get nervous & mean with pain pills or they make my blood pressure skyrocket. Sadly for me the MMJ doesn't do much good either, the only thing that worked was Vioxx & an experimental one I was in study for but it's not cleared yet.
@Robert2 Have you lost your mind? The cigarette companies? They RUINED tobacco WHY on earth would we trust them with MEDICAL marijuana? There truly is a difference in Medical vs the schwag from Mexico & if the govt takes it over it won't be any better then Mexican schwag!! Let the little guys who have fought for soooo long to make it legal reap the rewards of growing & selling it while paying taxes.
WHY do people have a problem with marijuana growers or sellers making money? I don't hear many people complaining about the pharmaceutical companies charging $2000 a month for MS meds, or the ridiculous prices for AIDS patients, or cancer patients.

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