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Jan. 13, 2012

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Who's to say that these students don't already speak English? Certainly some do not, but I would suggest that many do and don't let on.

I know, hearsay argument. I have seen at my job (both of them), at the grocery store, any number of places, young children translating for their parents.

When my younger son was in 3rd grade his teacher called me in. It seems he would finish his work first then get bored and start clowning around. Ms. M suggested that we could try having him tutor the non -English speaking students in English. After the first week my son was fluent in Spanish cursing.

After the second week, I went back to Ms. M and told her to have him read instead. He was not to tutor anyone. The reason : the night before he asked me why the Spanish kids couldn't speak English in the classroom but spoke it just fine on the playground.

Just sayin'.

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How do you pronounce Antjwan? Is that for real?

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So why isn't Mr. Aguirre upset over the fact that his precious daughter was so close to an altercation that the school police was trying to break up that she was sprayed in the face? Any innocent bystanders would have long since cleared the area, which leaves you with a crowd of "100" egging on the fight.

My suggestion to Mr. Aguirre is to teach your daughter responsibility for her own actions, although at 17 it's probably too late.

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It seems to me that this "special caucus" for a specific religious group is a clear violation of the separation of church and state. This obvious attempt by the Adelsen/Gingrich camp to circumvent the Constitution and pack the polls, fortunately backfired.

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