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Oct. 31, 2011

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Named those guys off to show i didn't just jump on the band wagon like you did back in 07. I have been through the hard times. I'm a third generation las vegan and have grown up watching unlv basketball. I know what i'm talking about. Conclusion...sdsu makes it another nail bitter that can go either way because of the fact they are playing at home.

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I'm sure that they cared more about the creighton game more since that is a rivalry game, they are in the same conference(just wanted to let you know). Stop reading the box score to me cause i watched the game...Pounded by wisconsin? So you didn't see brust go 7-7 from 3? Glad your on the band wagon this year, just make sure to stay on it! I have been going to games and been a fan forever. Have had season tickets since the days of sunshine smith, clayton johnson, and warren rosegreen. Those were the rough days! You prob didn't follow the team then. I'm sure you had your house payment on the rebels +2 and your trying to just justify your loss. Please stop bringing up the sweet 16 appearance 4 year ago. It was 4 years ago! It's the 2011-2012 season. Stop with your "on paper" we should dominate.

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Seriously creighton? You mean the creighton team that beat wichita state on the road? Just in case you didn't know that wichita state team beat us by 20.... Someone needs to watch a little more basketball before they comment and sound dumb.

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@mj20 For not caring that much if he stayed you sure left the longest comment and seemed to be following him the last couple of years. More to life then just basketball. Going to receive one of the best educations you can get.... Hard to turn that down. Best of luck to you rosco

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