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February 25, 2017

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June 7, 2009

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I couldnt agree with that more. If you hate what America and the governement are doing right now then just leave. Because as all of the republicans are mentioning here, The Obama's are destroying our country. Republicans are very narrow minded and have lost all logic. You guys need to stop watching Glenn Beck and Fox News. They mess with your head too much.

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why do you guys get so upset? I really don't understand it. You guys will pick at anything. What causes you so much hatred towards one person that you have to degrade everthing about them? Just because they are a democrat? Seriously replubicans, stop your complaining. All you do is whine about how bad the presidency is but at the same time provide no solutions to the problems of our nation. And by having the tea party group it is only weaking your party. Only so many people will follow such radical ideas. And in my honest opinion, the way the republicans have been acting they could be tried for treason!! You are anti government everything!!!! Everything that democrats do is wrong. Everything!! But yet when it comes to things like getting paid for unemployment, medicare, medicaid, you dont complain about those things. And those were democratic ideas! Man you guys just amaze me at your hatred and down right stupidity. Its childish and you guys have really lost all since of logic. All you do is whine and complain. Its sad!!

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The kid was shown interest from other and better D-1 schools (Except for Rice). I think this is a great pick up. You have to be pretty good to get invited to the Elite 11 QB camp in Texas. Its one of the best in the nation. And did you really expect Hauck to get 5 star prospects in his first year here? You gotta be realistic. Teams like Boise, TCU, BYU, Utah, they dont even get 5 star prospects. They will get a few 4 star's but thats it. Dont ride the kid off just yet.

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Your right, lately other players have been that 3rd scoring option besides Stanback and Willis. Hawkins at CSU was big for us, Wallace against UNM with 21 points won the game for us, and our 3 headed monster against TCU this time. Our team seems to be feeding off those 2 guys which is so nice to see compared to last years team. I'm still waiting for Jasper to break out offensivly. I don't know if it is me but he seems to be too passive on offensive. I don't know if he is that way by choice or the coaches don't want him taking much shots. He is our 2nd best driver to the basket next to Tre'von. And yes Bellfield and Jasper contribute in other ways too. Jasper is still our best rebounder and Bellfield has been getting assist. I wish Bellifield would take care of the ball a little bit better as of late. He has moments where he seems to get a little careless with the ball, luckily it hasn't hurt us. Overall the team is making improvements, which should be happening when coming towards the 2nd half of conference play.

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Our bigs were great tonight. I thought this stat was interesting:

Stanback/Willis: 49 points

3 headed monster (Massamba, Shaw, Santee): 22 points

Jasper/Bellfield: 8 points

Rest of the team: 0 points

Without our bigs, we dont have that 3rd scoring option this game. Stanback and Willis's perfomances would have been lost causes. I would give 3 game balls to our bigs. They helped out Stanback and Willis tonight!

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